Banner Security Policy

Access to the Banner student administrative software system is granted to faculty and administrative staff of Farmingdale State on a need basis. All Banner information is to be kept CONFIDENTIAL and accessible only to authorized employees. All access privileges are automatically terminated should the staff member's employment at the College end. Employee access will be reviewed and may be changed upon reassignment within the campus.

Two computer system accounts are assigned to all Banner users. The assigned username is always the same for each account, but the passwords may not necessarily match. All passwords must be kept private and changed periodically.

The primary system account is the Info_Services network login. A network login is required in order to access many computer resources, including Banner, email, campus intranet and general internet services. The network account password expires every 90 days.

A Banner user account is created only after receipt of a written (or emailed) request from the staff member's supervisor. Access to Banner forms and/or processes, over and above the general user profile must also be requested in writing. Banner passwords expire every 90 days.

To reduce the risk of unauthorized use, you must logout of your Banner session at the end of the work day (or if you will be away from your computer for an extended period of time during the day).

Unauthorized access to Banner forms, processes and reports (including those on the campus intranet) is strictly prohibited. All attempts to access unauthorized material will be considered attempts to circumvent system security. Access is granted to perform specific work responsibilities, and is subject to change. Periodic reviews will be conducted to verify assigned forms/processes are still appropriate to these responsibilities.

OASIS (Online Administrative Student Information System) login access for faculty is generated automatically, as part of the ongoing process of assigning instructors to classes in the Banner system. Faculty are required to login to OASIS to view class rosters, student transcripts and enter mid-term and final grades. Access to OASIS is gained through a separately maintained user id and login PIN system. Login PIN's expire every 90 days. Problems with accessing any of the above systems should be directed to the College computer HelpDesk (934-420-2754) support staff (email: HelpDesk).