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Office 365 Outlook

Email access using a Web Browser

With the migration to Office 365, a new updated interface is presented to you when accessing your mail via the web. This enhanced interface gives you access to the suite of tools that are offered.

You may choose this link, to log in and select Outlook from the the list of Office apps. Depending if you are on or off campus, you might be presented with the additional standard federated login screen.

Office 365 Apps

The default way your messages will appear or list in your Inbox might be different than what you are used to. Focused and Conversation Views are enabled by default. Please visit this link to guide you on changing those selections.

You can also access Outlook by going to  You will be redirected and asked to login again.

Email access using a Mobile Device or Tablet

Mobile devices will require some additional interaction in order for your mail to be working again. Some devices might just ask for a password, then work. Others will require the mail account to be removed and added again to the device.

Here are Step by Step instructions for Android and Apple devices to help you with the process.