Chromebook Loan Program

The Campus has a plan to distribute and loan Chromebooks as a resource for those students is need. Please read through the following terms and click the "Loan Chromebook" button at the bottom to complete the form and gather information. Once we can evaluate if this will be a benefit to you, we will contact you with the status of the request.

Loan Period

  • The Chromebook will be loaned to the student for the Summer/Fall Semester 2020.
  • The Chromebook must be returned at the conclusion of the semester (process to be communicated at a later date)
  • Chromebooks are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Students must complete an online Chromebook request form to obtain a device
  • Chromebooks will be tracked by the University and will be registered to a student by their RAMID


  • Chromebooks that are not returned in accordance with this agreement will be subject to a fine of $325
  • The Chromebooks are brand new, and any damage (as determined by FSC) from misuse will result in a bill for the replacement of the device in the amount of $325
  • If the Student leaves the College or is no longer registered at the College for any reason before the end of the semester, the Chromebook and accessories must be returned to the College immediately.

Use Policies

  • The Chromebook is the property of the college, is subject to inspection at any time and should be used solely for FSC Educational purposes
  • Failure to abide by these terms may result in future ineligibility for this service
  • Software cannot be copied to or from the Chromebook, and any deliberate attempts to make modifications to the device including software, hardware and system settings are prohibited.
  • Use of the Chromebook should abide by FSC IT Policy which is available at
  • Use of the Chromebook should abide by the Student Code of Conduct/Student Handbook
  • Do not alter, remove or otherwise cover the serial number and asset tag.
  • Students shall not loan out the Chromebook/accessories to any other person, including family members.
  • Students shall not use the internet to access personal (non-College related) accounts, including social media sites.
  • Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook and accessories.
  • All damage, loss or theft of the Chromebook/accessories shall be the responsibility of the Student.
  • All damage, loss or theft of Chromebook/accessories must be reported to the College within 1 business day.
  • Do not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the device, such as the keys or casing.

Data Storage & Privacy

  • All files should be saved to a university approved network drive.
  • The Chromebook can only be used for website accessible sites and systems. Software can-not be installed on it, and access to the Google Play store will be restricted.
  • There shall be no expectation of privacy of materials found on the Chromebook.

Acknowledgement of this policy indicates that you have received and agree to the lending conditions for the 2020 Summer/Fall semester.

Loan Chromebook

Last Modified 6/29/20