Symantec EndPoint Protection

Farmingdale State College has licensed Symantec Endpoint Protection from Symantec Corporation and has made it available to all currently registered students of the college free of charge.

The antivirus/antispyware software is available for computers running the following versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • MAC OS
Installation requirements and notes:
  • You will be installing version 14.3.5427.3000 of Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • You must remove/uninstall any existing antivirus software, before attempting to install the Symantec Endpoint Protection software.
  • Below choose whether your Windows operating system is a 32 or 64 bit.
  • Installation of the software requires you to enter your Farmingdale STUDENT email username and password.
  • You will see the progress bar while Symantec is being installed.
  • Once installed, the antivirus and antispyware protection definitions will be out of date. 
    Go into the program by double clicking on the yellow shield on the taskbar.  You can also go into All Programs and find Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  • Click "Fix" to update the protection for antivirus and antispyware protection.
  • Your computer will now be protected and up-to-date.  Close out of the Symantec Endpoint Protection window.

For Window versions running 32 bit:
Windows 32 bit installation

For Window versions running 64 bit:
Windows 64 bit installation

How to determine if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system:

For MAC OS version running 10.14:
MAC OS 10.14 installation

For MAC OS version running 10.15:
MAC OS 10.15 installation

User Guide for Symantec Endpoint Protection (Windows version)
Please note: Adobe Acrobat will be needed to view this file - available for free from

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 934-420-2754 or via email at


Last Modified 1/18/22