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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Office of Attorney General Letitia James has released a statement regarding fraudulent unemployment claims in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This statement can be found here:

You must remain vigilant to help prevent fraudulent unemployment claims in your name. If you feel you may have been the victim of such a claim or have any questions, please email

Coronavirus Update: Payroll Information

Hourly Employees

The Governor’s office has provided us guidance regarding Non-Essential Employees.  This includes non-essential hourly paid employees.  This guidance states:

  • Non-essential employees will not be charged accruals during the time period through March 31.
  • Non-essential state employees should be directed to work from home, to the extent practicable.
  • While they are home, non-essential employees may be assigned work outside of their normal duties.

During the period through March 31, the College is operating using the contingency plans developed by your Area Vice President.  As such, employees should maintain contact with their area supervisors for direction and work assignments.  As much as is possible, managers should be creative when assigning work.

Hourly employees should be allowed to work their normally assigned work hours for any given work week.  Employees who work irregular schedules should be assigned the average number of hours worked from the past four pay periods.  Anyone needing assistance with this calculation can email and an HR representative will get back to them.

Hourly employees should scan their hourly timesheet and email it to Barbara Kaplan in Payoll, and cc: Susan Farag in Human Resources.  In the event an employee is unable to scan their timesheet, Payroll will accept an email showing the hours worked.  This email should include days and time worked and the total number of hours worked each day.  This email must be cc’d to the supervisor in order for it to be accepted. Employee’s should be prepared to submit their actual timesheets when normal operations resume.

Hourly timesheets must be submitted as per the schedule in order for hourly employees to receive timely paychecks.  Late submission of hourly timesheets will result in a missed pay check for the employee.  Any late submissions will be processed in the subsequent pay cycle. Please be advised that no paycheck advances will be given during this closure.

Student Assistant & College Work Study Payroll

The Governor’s office has provided us guidance regarding Student Workers.  This guidance covers both College Work Study Students as well as Student Assistants.  Please note, we have been asked to make every effort to find a telecommuting work assignment for these student workers. 

Until further notice, we will be paying student workers according to the directions outlined below:

  • Students with a fixed schedule should be paid for the normal hours they work in a pay period.
  • Students with irregular schedules should be paid the average number of hours they worked during pay periods 24 and 25.
  • In the event a student has an assignment which exceeds their normal or averaged schedule, they should be paid for the actual hours worked. 

If possible you should continue to use the automated Time and Attendance System (TAS).  In the event that you do not have access to the TAS, Payroll will accept an email showing the hours worked for each pay period. This email must be cc’d to the approving supervisor in order for the student to be paid.

Please remember that time sheets must be submitted and approved according to the Student Payroll Calendar.  Payroll will be monitoring the CWS awards to ensure student pay does not exceed the award.

Direct Deposit

Your direct deposit will be automatically stopped if you have not had a check issued for 3 consecutive pay periods.  Please contact Payroll at 934-420-2325 to have your account reactivated.  If you are not sure, contact Payroll to check your direct deposit status.

If you have direct deposit and are switching banks or accounts, do not close the old accounts until you see that your payment is direct deposited intro your new account.  

Paycheck Checkup

The IRS has issued several reminders advising taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup.   Taxpayers can use the IRS Withholding Calculator ( to assist in determining the correct  amount of tax that they should have their employer withhold from their paychecks.   Checking and adjusting tax withholding as  early as possible is the best way to avoid having too little or too much tax withheld from paychecks. Too little withheld could  result in an unexpected tax bill or penalty at tax time next year.

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Pay Schedules

College Work Study & Student Assistant Pay Schedule 3/2019 - 3/2020

College Work Study & Student Assistant Pay Schedule 3/2020 - 3/2021

Hourly Pay Schedule - 2020

Adjunct Pay Schedule - Fall 2019

The Payroll Office is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all State employees including Professional and Classified staff, Student Assistants and College Work Study students. The Payroll Office processes all salary transactions, stipends, bonuses, inconvenience pay, pre-shift briefing, overtime meals, lost time, vacation and salary withholding.

Salary: Paychecks for all employees are received on a bi-weekly basis under a schedule established by the State of New York through the Department of Audit and Control in Albany, New York. Most full-time employees are processed on an annual salary basis paid bi-weekly (normally 26 pay periods) over a period of 12 months. Salary checks are distributed on campus by department on alternate Wednesdays.

Extra Service: Involves approved part-time service at an employee's own campus or another unit of State University. Payment is made by the employing unit. Prior approval of the President for Extra Service is required and is obtained by submission of an Extra Service Approval Form (UP-8 for UUP Bargaining Unit, UP-6 for Management/Confidential). There are restrictions on the amount an individual can earn on Extra Service. For faculty, the limitation is 20 percent of base salary for the academic year and an additional 20 percent over the summer. For Professional Staff, the limit is 20 percent of base salary for the calendar year. Please contact Human Resources or Payroll for further information.

College Work Study Payroll: This office has direct responsibility for the bi-weekly processing of the College Work Study Payroll.

Student Assistants: The College’s Student Assistant Guidelines have been updated effective with the Spring 2005 semester in order to provide departments with additional guidance on the employment of these student workers. It should be noted that these guidelines also apply to the employment of students in the College Work Study (CWS) program, so that the policies governing both types of employment are virtually identical. In all cases, departments should first attempt to employ students as CWS, since this serves two purposes that benefit the College. First, the salary expenses are not charged against the College’s budget, and second, it allows us to fully utilize our CWS allocation.

Students may contact Angela at 934-420-2742 or Angela D'Atena with any paycheck related questions.

Last Modified 6/29/20