Human Resources Forms and Schedules

Appointment & Vacancy Forms

Adjunct Appointment Authorization Form (White)
Annual Authorization for Professional Appointment
Dual Employment 1588/Extra Service Approval Form
Part Time Professional Appointment Authorization Form & Extra Service for Full Time Professionals (Yellow)
Student Assistant Appointment Authorization Form (Green)
Student Stipend Payment Form
UP-6 M/C Extra Service Form
UP-8 UUP Extra Service Form
Extra Service Letter of Justification
Request to Hire - Classified, Professional and Faculty
Temporary Staffing Form
Search Waiver Form

Evaluation Forms

Candidate Evaluation Form
Classified Staff Annual Evaluation Form
Professional Evaluation 2019-2020
Professional Performance Program 2020-2021
Promotion Application for UUP Professionals

New Hire & Personnel Forms

Change of Name and/or Address Form
Credential Verification Release Form
Employee Information Form
Oath of Office Form
Relocation/Moving Reimbursement - Policy - Request Form
Travel Reimbursement for Candidate/Non-Employee - Policy - Form
University Police Background Investigation Questionnaire  
Volunteers - Policy - Request to Hire Form - Application

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form
IT-2104 Form
W-4 Form

Time & Attendance Forms

Leave Donation Program - Guidelines - Form
Leave Request Form
Additional Leave Request Form
Return to Work Form
Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Guidelines - CSEA
Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Guidelines - UUP
Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule Form

Classified Service Time & Attendance Sheet
Full Time Faculty Attendance Voucher
Management Confidential Time & Attendance Voucher
Timesheet for Temporary Hourly Employees
Timesheet for UUP Hourly Employees Who Accrue Time

Benefits Forms

FMLA Forms & Information
ERS Loan Applications - Form for Tiers 1 & 2 - Form for Tiers 3, 4, 5 & 6 
Tuition Assistance - SUNY B-140W – InstructionsForm
Tuition Assistance - UUP - Instructions - Form
Tuition Benefits Program - CSEA - Flyer - Form

Broad Based Fee Waiver Policy
Employee Fee Waiver Request Instructions

SUNY Voluntary Savings Plan (403B) SRA Form

Phased Retirement Application

Workers' Compensation Information

Miscellaneous Forms

Workplace Violence Reporting Form


Employee Checkout Procedure
Temporary Hiring Procedure