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What Students Should Know Spring 2021

What On-Campus Students Should Know


Required to be screened for COVID-19 weekly either on campus at pooled testing Monday-Friday 10-3 in the Multipurpose Room in Roosevelt Hall

If you are unable to attend the free testing on campus, you must obtain a test at a location of your own choosing and upload the results to:

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are exempt from testing for 90 days following your test result.  Please upload your laboratory confirmed positive test to:

Fill out daily symptom screening tool even days when you are not on campus. 

Notify the Health and Wellness center if you have a known exposure to someone with COVID-19 or if you yourself contract the virus and are tested off campus. (934) 420-2009.

Continue to follow face covering and social distancing at all times when on campus.

All students who are on-campus for any reason are required to complete all of the following or face removal from in-person classes and lose access to on-campus services:
We want to advise you of changes to FSC's mandatory COVID-19 safety protocols, enacted in accordance with NYS and SUNY directives. For the Spring 2021 semester SUNY requires all students who live on campus and/or plan to be on campus regularly (including instruction, co-curricular activities, and meetings) to be tested on a weekly basis.

  • Pre-Arrival Agreement: Complete the Pre-Arrival Agreement which requires a seven-day precautionary quarantine before returning to campus
  • COVID Document Upload: Present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days prior to January 29 OR participate in an on-campus COVID-19 testing opportunity within five days of initial return to campus (only rapid antigen and PCR nasal swab testing results will be accepted) OR present documentation of a positive COVID-19 PCR result from the prior three-month period before initial return to campus using the COVID-19 Test Upload link
  • Daily COVID Screening: Begin completing the daily health screening tool 14 days prior to their first day on campus and continue for the entirety of the semester (including those days when they are not expected on campus)

If you have an on-campus footprint, you are also required to comply with all the below testing protocols which are designed to keep the campus community, yourself, and your families safe:

  • Expanded Testing: Effective immediately and consistent with SUNY guidance, FSC requires all students who live on campus and/or plan to be on campus regularly (including instruction, co-curricular activities, and meetings) to be tested on a weekly basis. Commuter students who do not plan to visit the FSC throughout the course of the months ahead are exempt from this obligation.
  • Increased Convenience: The Health and Wellness Center now offers walk-in surveillance testing five days a week in Roosevelt Hall’s Multipurpose Room from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Enzo Clinical Labs, students may schedule and receive weekly diagnostic tests (PCR - nasal swab) outside regular business hours and conveniently transmit their results electronically to the Health and Wellness Center online.
  • Enforcement: The Office of the Dean of Students will strictly enforce SUNY’s Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations Policy. Therefore, if a student misses two appointments, the Office of the Dean of Students will take administrative action to prohibit the individual from visiting the FSC campus. There will be no exceptions to this enforcement. Faculty will receive regular written updates via email regarding their non-compliant students who will no longer be eligible to attend in-person classes.
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Coronavirus-related isolation, fear, and stress can feel overwhelming – and potentially exacerbate mental health challenges ranging from anxiety to depression. To contact FSC’s Campus Mental Health Services team, please visit their webpage or call 934-420-2006.

Facing the unique challenges posed by the ongoing public health crisis requires robust collaboration between all members of the FSC community. Your cooperation is required to ensure that our campus continues to operate safely. 

We fully understand the inconvenience resulting from the implementation of these health and safety protocols. These measures are designed to meet State University of New York requirements and, most importantly, to protect the entire campus community and your family.

What You Need to Know and Do as Farmingdale State College Welcomes Students Back in 2021

As we return to campus in spring 2021, SUNY and Farmingdale State College's priority is our campus community's health and safety, including its students, faculty, and staff. The best way to maintain the safest environment possible throughout 2021 and beyond is for each of us to take steps to minimize the risks, not only for ourselves but for all members of the Farmingdale community.

Steps include: 

  • Wearing face coverings (masks)
  • Hand washing
  • Social distancing
  • Participating in testing and tracing
  • Completing daily screenings
  • Being mindful of our surroundings and the impact we have

Any of us alone can spread this disease and cause harm to others. But all of us can build a safe and healthy community where educational success is possible.

Stay Informed

To promote public health and transparency, the College regularly communicates with the campus community about critical issues, including hygiene, campus safety measures, rules and regulations, and other operational changes. Since early March, the College communicates proactively and promptly with our current students, faculty, staff, and prospective students and their families. Communications are delivered in print and digital to inform, educate, and advise. The campus governance body, College Council, local government, legislators, and local media will continue to receive regular information, including direct personal contact.

Please continue to check your Farmingdale email account for updates as well as the Covid Hub which is linked from the homepage.

Return to Campus Safely – Testing and Isolation Requirements

All students who will have an on-campus footprint which includes (1) any student who lives on campus (2) takes at least one class on campus (3) utilize services on campus (e.g., library, gym, dining), or (4) work on campus must either present evidence of a negative diagnostic COVID-19 test taken within three (3) days of prior to returning to campus.  

All students who will have an on-campus footprint must also complete a precautionary 7-day quarantine prior to their return to campus. These requirements do not apply to those students attending classes solely in a remote format and who do not come to campus for any other purpose. 

Get Screened Daily

Everyone coming to campus, including students, must complete a daily health screening. All students who have an on-campus footprint must complete this screening tool every day for the entirety of the semester regardless if they will be on campus that particular day starting fourteen (14) days prior to their first day on campus. Those students attending classes solely in a remote format and do not come to campus for any other purpose are not required to fill out the screening tool. 

Get Tested Regularly

All students who will have an on-campus footprint are required to comply with FSC's previously approved testing protocol.  A random sampling of students will be tested each week based upon the COVID positivity rate in Suffolk County or at FSC, whichever is higher. 

Again, these requirements only apply to those students who are identified as having an on-campus footprint. Those who have classes only in a remote fashion and do not come to campus for any other reason are not required to participate in COVID testing.  

Check the COVID-19 Dashboard 

SUNY maintains a comprehensive dashboard of COVID-19 testing and infection rate status across the system and at each campus. Farmingdale State College initially developed a local dashboard during the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. However, it was retired from our web site as we now link directly to SUNY. Please visit the SUNY COVID-19 Tracker for the most up-to-date information. 

Be Responsible – It's Easy to Do Your Part

Each of us can take small steps to protect ourselves and the campus community. Because COVID-19 is highly contagious, these simple measures apply both on and off-campus:

  • Wear face coverings (masks) at all times on campus, including in classrooms, conference rooms, and other public spaces, even when you can maintain six feet of social distancing.
    • (Exceptions to this requirement include when students are (1) in their private residential or personal space, (2) eating meals on-campus while seated and socially distanced, or (3) by themselves in a lightly trafficked location where no other persons are present (4) Faculty and staff are likewise exempt when alone in their office or other private spaces.)
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer where soap and water are not available.
  • Stay home when you are sick or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Practice social distancing at all times to reduce transmission.

If Exposed, Complete Mandatory Quarantine and Isolation

Students who test positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to individuals who tested positive for COVID-19, or are informed by a state or local health department or medical or campus official that they are "at-risk" for having COVID-19 may be required to quarantine or isolate. This may include taking classes remotely and not going to dining halls and other campus facilities. Students identified for quarantine and isolation (whether residential or non-residential) will have access to certain assistance, such as food and medicine delivery. They may also receive psychosocial, academic, and/or other supports, as needed.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are exempt from testing for 90 days following your test result.  Please upload your laboratory confirmed positive test to the Student Testing Upload Form.

Follow the Rules or Face Disciplinary Action

When the campus learns of a violation of the rules associated with COVID-19 safety, students may lose access to campus facilities and/or campus housing. Other disciplinary actions may be taken by the Student Conduct and/or Human Resources Offices. The campus Code of Conduct governs student conduct. Minimum sanctions are outlined in the Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations. Consistent with SUNY policy, students who are partially or completely removed from the institution due to a violation are not eligible for refunds.

Take Care of Yourself – Physically and Mentally

We understand that this is an exceptionally challenging time. SUNY and Farmingdale State College have resources to help you get the support you need. Campus Mental Health Services (CMHS) remains open and available during this time. Students registered for the current term may receive services on a telehealth basis. Students should reach out to the CMHS office directly at or 934-420-2006

Understandably, you or those around you may have questions and concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19). We are here to help. These tips can help you manage stress and anxiety that may arise in the midst of uncertainty or fears about health and personal safety.

SUNY Resources:

Understand What's Being Offered On-Campus and Online 

Farmingdale State College plans to offer a limited number of courses (15%) in a face-to-face format. The vast majority of our classes (85%) will continue to be delivered remotely. A letter was emailed to students and parents informing them of our spring 2021 semester plan. This information was relayed during the spring 2021 registration period. All students who have created a spring 2021 schedule know how each specific course is being delivered. Farmingdale will continue to update the COVID Hub to communicate essential information to our campus community.

Housing and Dining Updates

Campus Dining

Dining services will operate on a modified basis until further notice. The Campus Center Marketplace will re-open on January 29, 2021, and will remain open for the duration of the Spring 2021 semester. Books n’ Beans in Greenley Hall, POP’s Dining, and Starbucks will remain closed. All self-service options will be temporarily suspended to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. Grab and go options will continue to be available. For hours of operation and additional details please visit Aramark’s campus website.

Touchless Payment Options

Touchless payment options are encouraged.  Aramark will be utilizing the Grubhub mobile app to process meal orders and pickups. The app integrates meal plan swipes and declining dollars. Additional information on payment options can be accessed on Aramark's campus website

Meal Plans

Faculty, staff, and commuter student meal plans are available. Declining dollars are available for purchase on Aramark’s campus website. You can purchase any amount of declining dollars greater than $50. A mobile app compatible with declining dollars will soon be introduced. Continue to check the Aramark website for updates.



A mandatory pause will have a relatively limited impact on FSC, given that 85% of classes are delivered via remote instruction, and the College will have only 100 residential students. However, if the campus were obligated to move entirely too remote course delivery for a portion or the entire balance of the term, the College will impose the following restrictions on on-campus activities:

  • Campus dining and food service options will be converted to takeout or delivery only.
  • In-person athletics, extracurricular programs, and non-essential student activities will be suspended.
  • Some essential, in-person student services (medical care, mental health counseling) will not be suspended but will be delivered on a call-ahead or appointment-only basis.
  • The one operating residence hall will remain open. Those students who have been identified as having been in contact with a positive case will be required to quarantine, and those students who test positive will be required to isolate. The College, per its fall plan and its Continuity of Care Plan, has ample space and facilities for quarantine or isolation purposes.

If, at any point, the campus shifts to entirely remote instruction for a portion or the balance of the term, the College expects that full residential services will be offered to students who choose to stay. Therefore, it is not expected that students will be provided refunds.

Changes and Updates

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic creates a fluid situation that may require unexpected changes in our response. Updates to scientific knowledge, public health guidance, or laws and regulations may mean SUNY and Farmingdale State College have to make changes to our standards and rules, including those indicated above. SUNY and Farmingdale State College will try to minimize these changes and their impact. We will keep you informed of new developments.

Thank you in advance for everything you are doing and will do to make 2021 safe for you, your fellow students, and the campus community, and beyond. 


Last Modified 2/5/21