Farmingdale State College Campus Center building with ram sculpture out front.

Fall 2020

Moving Forward Together

Planning for the Fall 2020 semester and the return of all the people who make it special has been a unique challenge. Our goal has always been to thrive under these difficult circumstances in a way that serves everyone—especially our students—in the best possible way.

So as the campus prepares for your return this month, we want to welcome back all of our faculty and staff. And we look forward to welcoming back our students in the Fall. No matter how classes are being delivered—face-to-face, remote learning, or a hybrid approach—we will continue to do everything to ensure the academic success of all of you and provide a quality education at a great value.

We also have taken many steps to protect the health and safety of the entire campus community and to provide as many services as possible in a way that protects everyone. We will practice safe distancing, wear protective face coverings, and learn and work in spaces that have been carefully planned to create a secure and comfortable environment. Nothing is more important.

While the campus returns in stages, please check the information here for your specific needs and continue to check for updates.

We've missed you.

Farmingdale State College looks forward to the start of the fall semester and our return to campus. Our top priority is the health and safety of our campus community. As we all strive to do our part to keep each other safe, please read and sign the Pre-arrival Agreement being sent to all students. Our goal is to protect your families, classmates, friends, faculty, and staff.

Please check your FSC email for your Pre-Arrival Agreement. We are all in this together!

COVID Testing Results

Dates Number of Tests 
Confirmed COVID-19 
Positive Test 
Confirmed Cases**
July 12 - July 18, 2020 19 0 0.0%  0
July 26 - Aug 01, 2020 34 0 0.0%  0
Aug 02 - Aug 08, 2020 3 0 0.0%  0
Aug 09 - Aug 15, 2020 4 0 0.0%  0
Aug 16 - Aug 22, 2020 67 0 0.0%  0
Aug 23 - Aug 29, 2020 83 0 0.0%  0
Aug 30 - Sept 05, 2020 46 0 0.0%  0
Sept 6 - Sept 12, 2020 40 0 0.0%  1
Sept 13 - Sept 19, 2020 101 0 0.0%  1
Sept 20 - Sept 27, 2020 153 0 0.0%  0
Cumulative Data 550 0 0.0%  2

* This data is based on the results of tests administered or confirmed by the Health & Wellness Center at Farmingdale State College for FSC members with an on-campus footprint
** Confirmed positive COVID cases for FSC members with an on-campus footprint.

Last Modified 9/28/20