As part of SUNY’s comprehensive response to COVID-19, SUNY System Administration is responsible for tracking the number of exposed and infected students, staff and faculty members across the University system. As part of this process, Farmingdale State College has created a secure form to self-report potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

For Faculty & Staff

  • All employees who have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 or have been potentially exposed are required to self-report so the College can provide the information to SUNY System in order to track the impact of the COVID-19 on individual campuses and within the system as a whole. If you are not able to access the form, please contact the helpdesk. If you have any questions about this form or the use of this form, please contact the Human Resources office.
  • During these extraordinary times, we understand that many of us may be facing challenges both physically and mentally. We want to remind you of the services available to the members of our faculty and staff.
  • Employee Assistance Program: Kathleen Devine is our Farmingdale Employee Assistance Coordinator. Kathy is available to any staff or faculty member who would like to contact her. Communication with Kathy is confidential and free. She can be contacted by email at Kathleen Devine.
  • Empire Plan Providers: NYSHIP Empire Plan enrollees are also eligible for certain mental health programs under the plan umbrella. Beacon is the provider for the Empire Plan mental health services. Plan and provider directory information can be found on the NYSHIP website.

For Students

  • We are encouraging all of our students to self-report their potential or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. This information will be reported to SUNY System in order to track the specific impact COVID-19 is having on our students here at Farmingdale State College. If you are not able to access the form, please contact the helpdesk. If you have questions regarding the COVID-19 disease, please contact the Health & Wellness Center.
  • If you are student struggling emotionally, Farmingdale State College stands ready to help. Contact Campus Mental Health Services who may be able to provide you with telehealth counseling sessions or assist you in accessing mental health resources in your local community.

Directions to Self-Report

  • To self-report your COVID-19 exposure status, please fill out the self-reporting form. Please be sure to be logged in using your Farmingdale State College email address. If there is an update to your status, you can click the link back to the form and update your information accordingly. Once you save the form, a new entry will be created and your updated status will be saved.

No personally identifiable information will be provided beyond SUNY System. Please continue to check the Coronavirus website for updates.

Last Modified 7/2/20