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Beverly Kahn, PhD Project Director/ Principal Investigator Staff
Erwin Cabrera, PhD Associate Project Director Staff
Sarina Turbendian Administrative Coordinator Staff
Joanna Breitman RAM Counselor Staff
Dylan Gafarian RAM Counselor Staff
Kate Winter, PhD Evaluator Staff
Theresa Zahor Research Librarian Staff
Guy Alain-Amoussou, PhD Team Leader Bowie State University
Eric Bonsu, PhD Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences Bowie State University
Angel Clay Assistant Director, STEM Initiative Bowie State University
Vicky Mosley First in the World Program Bowie State University
Ometha Lewis-Jack, PhD Assistant Professor, Psychology Bowie State University
Troy Miller Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management Bowie State University
Azene Zenebe, PhD Associate Professor, Management Information Systems Bowie State University
Joseph Paige, PhD Associate VIce President, Academic Affairs Central Connecticut State University
Daniel Chase, PhD Professor, Biomolecular Sciences Central Connecticut State University
Michele Dischino, PhD Associate Professor, Technology & Engineering Education Central Connecticut State University
Khaled Hammad, PhD Associate Professor, Engineering Central Connecticut State University
Susan Hold, PhD RAM Associate for Resaerch Placement Central Connecticut State University
Yvonne Kirby Director, Office of Institutional Resaerch and Assessment Central Connecticut State University
Faris Malhas, PhD Dean, School of Engineering Central Connecticut State University
Stephen Miske RAM Program Coordinator Central Connecticut State University
Allison Puff Team Leader Farmingdale State College
Lucia Cepriano, PhD Professor of Biology Farmingdale State College
Serdar Elgun Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology Farmingdale State College
Karen Escolas Professor of Medical Laboratory Science Farmingdale State College
Patricia Lind-Gonzalez Institutional Research, Chief Institutional Research Officer Farmingdale State College
Theresa Zahor Research Librarian Farmingdale State College
Rose Gonnella Executive Director Kean University
Janine Black, PhD Professor, School of Management and Marketing Kean University
Nekeisha Blandin Program Assistant, Robert Busch School of Design Kean University
Christopher Navetta RAM Counselor Kean University
Kristina Junkroft Managing Director Kean University
Daniela Shebitz, PhD Professor, Environmental & Life Sciences Kean University
Brian Teasdale, PhD Executive DIrector, Biological Sciences - SONS Kean University
Duncan Quarless Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting Associate Provost SUNY Old Westbury
Barbara Hillery, PhD Dean, School of Arts and Sciences SUNY Old Westbury
Judith Lloyd, PhD Professor and Chairperson, Chemistry and Physics SUNY Old Westbury
Ashlee Lien, PhD Assistant Professor, Pscyhology and Data Liaison SUNY Old Westbury
Roger Mayer, PhD Assistant Professor, School of Business SUNY Old Westbury
Cristina Notaro, PhD Assistant Dean, School of Arts & Sciences SUNY Old Westbury
Keisha Goode, PhD Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology & Program Coordinator SUNY Old Westbury
Rachel Kalish, PhD Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology & Ram Mentor SUNY Old Westbury
Patrick O'Sullivan, PhD Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs SUNY Old Westbury
Alicia Fyne Program Assistant, First in the World Program SUNY Old Westbury
Last Modified 6/18/20