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Dr. Akm Samsur Rahman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Dr. Akm Samsur Rahman

Visiting Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
 Lupton Hall - Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/site/akmsamsurrahman/


Prof. Rahman received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University at Fort Collins in August 2015. Prior to pursing his doctoral studies, he completed his MSc.Engg. degree in Tuskegee University in 2010. Before that, he completed his BSC.Engg. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET) in 2003. He obtained Professional Engineering license (PE) in 2014. He worked on a multiple research project funded my National Science foundation (NSF) and sponsored by several industrial organizations including CVD equipment, pyromeral systems. He published several peer reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings. He is currently working as a reviewer of several peer reviewed journals published by Hidwai Publishing Corporation.

Prof. Rahman’s research focuses on developing fundamental understanding on the interfacial stress transfer and design of interphase between the micro and nano scale constituents in the fiber reinforced composites for high temperature applications. His research goal is to address the fundamental limitations of high temperature capable structural composites and explore innovative ways to mitigate those limitations. Using the fundamentals of fracture mechanics and structure of materials he determines key mechanical and physical ingredients that determines the performance of composites at high temperature and aggressive environment. His experimental research always focuses on highly repeatable and statistically controlled investigations with the involvement into advanced characterization techniques.


Akm Samsur Rahman, Vijaya Rangari,“Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Woven Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites with Carbon Nanotubes Grown in-Situ”. The Int J Engg Sci, 2015, ANED- 09.1913/041202054061.

Akm Samsur Rahman, Vijaya K. Rangari et al, “Fabrication of carbon nanotubes grown woven carbon fiber/epoxy composites and their electrical and mechanical properties”, J Appl Phys, 113, 214903, 2013.

Vijaya K Rangari, Akm Samsur Rahman, Shaik Jeelani. “Mechanical, Thermal and Conducting Properties of CNTSs/Biodegradable Polymer Thin Films”. J Appl Polymer Science, 129, 1249-1255, 2013.

IM. Alarifi, R Asmatulu, Akm Samsur Rahman et al, “Mechanical & thermal properties of carbonized PAN nanofibers cohesively attached to surface of carbon fiber composites”, Macromol Symp, July, 2015. 

Conference Proceedings-

Akm Samsur Rahman and DW. Radford, ‘Inorganic polymer matrix material processing optimization’, 45th International SAMPE Technical Conference, Wichita, Oct, 2013.

 Vijaya K Rangari, Akm Samsur Rahman, Shaik Jeelani. ‘In-Situ Growth of CNTs on Woven Fabrics’. SAMPE Conference, Long beach, CA, 2011.

 Vijaya K Rangari, Akm Samsur Rahman, Shaik Jeelani. ‘Growth Mechanism of Carbon Nanotubes Using Chemical Vapor Deposition’. ASC conference, University of Delaware, 2009.


MET 117- Manufacturing Process

AET 209- Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Process in Automotive Engineering

IND 316- Customer Relations and Quality Management

AET 217- Applied Mechanics

AET 255- Auto Electronics and Computerized Engine Controls

MET 405- Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics

MET 305-Tooling for Composites