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Course taught:

  • CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJ115 Computer Forensics
  • CRJ201 Criminalistics
  • CRJ217 Computer Forensics II
  • CRJ218 Computer Forensics III
  • CRJ230 Biometrics & Identity Theft
  • CRJ307 Criminal Justice Database Operations
  • CRJ308 Forensic Technology
  • CRJ310 Computer Security I
  • CRJ311 Computer Security II
  • CRJ312 Computer Security III
  • CRJ314 Security Law & Policy 
  • CRJ323 Network Defense

Course developed:

  • CRJ130 Introduction to Fingerprint Recognition
  • CRJ230 Biometrics & Identity Theft
  • CRJ440 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • CPS301 Biometric Recognition
  • CPS303 Operating Systems & Security
  • CPS305 Foundations of Cryptography
  • CPS401 Applied Cryptography
  • CPS461 Penetration Testing
  • CPS462 Smart Grid Security
  • CPS463 Distributed Systems & Security


Program developed/developing: