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PHY 135 and PHY 136 Interactive Examples and Tutorials
Dr. Nolan's Homepage

To access the textbooks below you must have the program Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. This is such a common program that you probably already have it installed. If you do not, you can download a free copy of it from the Adobe.com web site. Also if you wish to access the interactive examples and tutorials in these books, you must have Microsoft's Excel Spreadsheet program also installed on your computer.

To Access the textbooks of Dr. Peter J. Nolan, click on the book below.

Fundamentals of College Physics, Updated 5th Ed.

The algebra based version of Introductory Physics. This book is available in the bookstore.


Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory

An Upper Division textbook for Electrical Technology Students.

Meteorology- The Physics of the Atmosphere

An Introduction to the Weather

The Fundamentals of the Theory of Modern Physics

An introduction to the topics of Modern Physics

The Fundamentals of the Theory of Relativity

An introduction to the Special and General Theory of Relativity

Experiments in Physics

By Profs. Nolan and Bigliani

This book is available in the bookstore.