Organize the Design Team & Assign Specialists - Laboratory Worksheet

Name _____________________________________________	Date Performed _________________			

Team Partners ____________________________________



Name                                  Role                                

____________________________________  Captain and Optimist

____________________________________  Secretary and Creative Thinker

____________________________________  Spy and Pessimist

Name                                  Specialist                          

____________________________________  Design & Aesthetics Specialist 

____________________________________  Structural Member Specialist

____________________________________  Graphic Presentation Specialist

____________________________________  Stability Specialist

____________________________________  Pulley, Cable & Container Specialist

____________________________________  Construction Fabrication Specialist

____________________________________  Construction Assembly Specialist

____________________________________  Power & Electric Specialist

____________________________________  Quality Control & Research Specialist


Provide analysis on how the group and specialist functioned at the end of the project.

  1. Did assigned roles help define the group activities? Were you more productive?
  2. Were the specialists responsible for their areas? What problems did you encounter?
  3. Do you think a group effort produced a better design? Please explain.