Tension, Compression and Bending - Laboratory Worksheet

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  1. Write your definition of the tension, compression and bending based on the informal test above. Compare your definition to a formal definition in an encyclopedia or engineering mechanics book. Are their any differences? Has this changed your definition, Please explain.
  2. Based on the informal test above, which of the following conceptual tests (tension, compression or bending) could you apply the most load and which could you apply the least? Please explain your answer.
  3. Sketch the following common objects in your classroom or school on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper: table, chair, bookcase, coat hanger, wall-mounted screen, and ceiling hung basketball hoop. Label the kinds of stresses that may occur in each part when loads are applied or properly used.
  4. Based on the results of this test, how will this concept influence your design? Please explain.