Shapes of Cantilevers, Cranes and Towers

To do a literature search to find the most efficient and beautiful shapes of cantilevers, cranes and towers that have been done in the past.

Definition and Theory
Expressions like, "Lets not try to reinvent the wheel," and, "I stand on the shoulders of giants," means that the starting for most problem solving starts where others have left off. To be efficient and cost effective, the lessons and experiences of the past should be used like any other tool. Your contribution to problem solving is will be to apply the concepts learned, in the context of what has been done in the past with the constraints given, to produce the very best solution.



  1. Where there any patterns to any of the structural shapes? Please be specific.
  2. What strategies did designers use? Please be specific.
  3. Based on this assignment, how will this influence your design? Please explain.