Competition Proposal & Rules:

To design and build a lightweight crane that creatively lifts a variable load (P) from a structure a minimum vertical height (V) of 18 inches with a minimum horizontal (H) clearance distance of 9 inches from the edge of the tower or footprint of the crane. The crane structure may encroach on a 45� angle from the lifting point as shown in the diagram. The crane must lift the load a minimum of 6 inches to qualify. The crane that lifts the greatest load and meets the portfolio and interview requirements showing proper application of the concepts introduced will be deemed the best design.

All students that enter the competition, participate, qualify and come to SUNY Farmingdale and compete in the finals will receive a free lunch and a certificate of recognition. First, second, and third place entries will each be awarded a trophy.


Portfolio Requirements:
All teams shall complete the laboratory experiments and library assignment and compile them into a portfolio. The portfolio must be submitted one week prior to the day of the Competition.


All schools competing in the competition must submit an advanced class registration form, indicating intent to participate in Competition. Each school is required to submit the names of the team entries one week prior to the Competition at SUNY Farmingdale.