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Prof. Donald R. Coscia, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Professor Donald R. Coscia

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
 (telephone:631-420-2182) Whitman Room 180


  • Ph.D. coursework completed Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, New York (Algebraic Topology)

Academic Honor:  NYS Part-time graduate student Fellowship awarded for four years.

  • M.A., St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York (Mathematics)

Academic Honor:  Teaching Assistant awarded for two-years

  • B.A., St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York (Mathematics Education)

Academic Honors:  Highest Major Cumulative Index in Mathematics and inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon, National Honors Mathematics Society


Joined Farmingdale State College in 2005.  Developed and taught a Blackboard online undergraduate Introduction to Mathematical Ideas course, an Angel & Blackboard online undergraduate Statistics course, an Angel & Blackboard online undergraduate College Algebra course, a BlackBoard online undergraduate PreCalculus with Applications course, and a Blackboard online undergraduate Calculus I with Applications course for the Liberal Arts & Science programs. I also use the MyMathLabMyStatLab, WebAssign, and the WileyPlus websites when teaching online classes.  I have held mathematics faculty workshops on creating online mathematics courses.  I have attended Open SUNY Angel and Blackboard workshops.  Presented a paper entitled "Successful Experiences in Teaching Collegiate Mathematics Online" at the 28th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Atlanta, GA, March 11, 2016.


2004 – 2014 :  Lecturer – School of Professional Studies, online Graduate course in Statistics & Society, SUNY – Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY).

Activities:  Developed and taught a BlackBoard based graduate Statistics course for the Masters of Liberal Studies program.  Received Stony Brook University’s Term Contract commencing in the spring 2008 semester.  Attended eight Stony Brook University TLT BlackBoard workshops.

1972 – Present:  Professor Emeritus– Mathematics Department, Suffolk County Community College (Selden, NY).

Activities:  Taught every mathematics course offered at SCCC, taught a Desire2Learn online Statistics course, online Algebra II, online PreCalculus course, and an online Calculus course; developed  MA36 – Finite Mathematics and MA64 – Calculus with Business Applications for the College; chaired the reformation of the Math Emphasis; presented papers on computing in mathematics at local, NY state, national and international conferences; chaired the Mediated Mathematics project; associate director and director of NY state and National grant projects; authored a textbook on computing in mathematics; developed the first “smart” classroom in the mathematics department; and developed a SCCC Video on the College’s Distance Education Program.

1998 – 2002:  Associate Dean for Instructional Technology – Office of the Vice President for Academic and Campus Affairs, Suffolk County Community College.

Activities:  Developed SCCC’s Distance Education Program -4th largest within SUNY and the largest among the SUNY schools within the metropolitan region;  Chairperson of the Distance Education Committee; leader of the SCCC’s Program Review in Distance Education; associated director of the Title III grant heading the technology aspect of the grant;  coordinated the design of the SCCC smart Classrooms; chaired the Computer Councils Training Committee; director of a SUNY COCID grant; chaired MSPC committee; SCCC’s chairperson of the development of the FIRST robotics competition; headed the Cisco Network Academy project; headed the Computer Associates UniCenter project;  headed the Microsoft Corp. MOUS project; headed the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Education opportunities at SCCC;  assisted the foundation in making their Computer Associate, Symbol Technology, and Verizon contacts; member of the Mt. Sinai School District Advisory Board; member of the Eastern BOCES Advisory Council; chaired the SUNY FACT Provost’s Advisory Council; and co-developed the SUNY CourseSpace course management system for SUNY.

1995 – 1998:  Assistant Dean for Mathematics and Computer Science as well as the Honors Program – Ammerman Campus, Suffolk County Community College.

Activities:  Lead the Program Reviews in Mathematics and Computer Science; member of the Sachem School District Advisory Board; member of the MSPC Committee; Ammerman Campus FACT Representative; director of VTEA Grant to establish computing within mathematics; developed the Honors Program website; established a core course in the mathematics and sciences for the honors program; secured the Adelphi University and SUNY Stony Brook Honors scholarships; worked on distributing the first SCC Foundation Honors Program scholarship grants.

1991 – 1995:  Assistant Dean for Instruction – Eastern Campus, Suffolk County Community College.

Activities:  Created a campus scheduling process; Eastern Campus SUNY FACT representative; established the first academic administrative office located in the Shinnecock Building for the Business, Math, & Science Area; created the first academic chairs for the Math/Science Area and Business Area; and secured the funding for building new greenhouses.

1988:  Visiting Instructor – Calculus Lecturer, Mathematics Department, SUNY at Stony Brook.

Activities:  Participated in the first faculty exchange program between SCCC and SUNY at Stony Brook which was a direct off-shoot of Stony Brook’s participation in the SCCC Math Program Review.

1988 – 1991:  Department Head – Mathematics Department, Suffolk County Community College.

Activities:  Lead the first Program Review for the math emphasis; reformed the math emphasis; developed the SCCC/Sachem HC mathematics intervention project; director of SUNY Grant to hold a Conference within the Disciplines; presented papers at local, NY state and national conference on computing in mathematics; and involved in a leadership position of a national organization promoting the use of computing in mathematics.

1986 – 1988:  Assistant Department Head – Mathematics Department, Suffolk County Community College.

Activities: Observed faculty teaching and assigned courses to adjunct faculty; published textbook on using computers to teach mathematics; and involved in a leadership position with a NY state organization promoting the use of computing in education.

1983 – 1984: Visiting Instructor – Mathematics and Computer Science, American School of Paris, (St. Cloud, France).

Activities:  Taught in France; and began to write textbook on using computers to teach mathematics courses.

1968 – 1972:  Assistant Professor – Mathematics Department, St. Francis College (Brooklyn, NY).

Activities:  Taught junior and senior level mathematics courses; adviser to the mathematics club and mathematics honors society.


2005: SUNY Provost’s Learning Environment Taskforce – Investigate and recommend course management system that would serve all of SUNY’s needs.

  • Excellence in Service on SCCC’s Title III Grant Award.
  • Ammerman Campus Governance Distinguished Faculty Award
  • Grand Marshall Ammerman Campus Graduation exercises.

2003: SUNY Provost’s Distinguished Service Award for 15-years of service to the SUNY Provost’s Faculty Access to Computer Technology (FACT), CIT 2003, SUNY at Potsdam

2001: Chairperson, SUNY FACT Provost’s Advisory Council.

2000: SUNY COCID Grant, Director – Instructional Technologies at Community College’s Conference.

1999: Title III Grant, Associate Director – Suffolk CCC institutional grant to improve academic quality, faculty development, and increase the faculty use of instructional technologies.

1996: VATEA Grant, Director – Math STAR was to improve the technology skills of the mathematics faculty (received funding for this project twice).

1990: SUNY Showcase Award for SUNY Conversations within the Disciplines.

1988: SUNY Conversations within the Disciplines, Director, Computing within SUNY

1986: Chairperson, American Mathematics Association for Community Colleges National Technology Committee.

1980: Member of Board of Directors, New York States Association for

Educational Data Systems.

1979: NSF CAUSE Grant, Associate Director – Computer Technology within

Mathematics, Science, and Economics at Suffolk County Community College

1976: SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

1974: SUNY Conversations within the Disciplines, Associate Director, Theory of



MTH107-Introduction to Mathematical Ideas (online during the Fall semester)

-Statistics (online during the Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer session C)

MTH116-College Algebra (online during the Winter session)

MTH129-Precalculus with Applications (online during the Fall semester and Spring semester)

MTH130-Calculus 1 with Applications (online during the Fall semester and Spring semester)

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