Teaching Learning Resources

1. Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

2. Resources on Specific Pedagogies

  • Reacting To The Past: Reacting to the Past (RTTP) consists of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts in the history of ideas.
  • Narrative Pedagogy: Contact our in-house expert Dr. Marie Hayden-Miles, Professor of Nursing.
  • Civic Engagement - Campus Compact: Work with faculty and chief academic officers focuses on linking community-based work with course content across disciplines.
  • Information Technology - Educause: An international repository for information concerning use and management of information technology in higher education.
  • Foreign Travel Courses - ACE Internationalization Collaborative: The American Council on Education (ACE) is the only higher education organization that represents presidents and chancellors of all types of U.S. accredited, degree-granting institutions.
  • Problem-Based Learning In The STEM Field- Project Kaleidoscope
  • Project-Based Learning: one of the high impact pedagogies for active, applied, experiential learning that Chancellor Zimpher encourages all SUNY campuses to embrace & implement.

    Since 1970, project-based learning has been the core of WPI's undergraduate curriculum, know as the WPI Plan. Under the Plan, students work closely with faculty and each other to develop solutions to real-world problems in their communities, and in communities around the globe. Participating in team and individual research settings, students tackle authentic, open-ended projects under faculty guidance. In the process, they master critical thinking, sharpen research skills, fine-tune written and oral communication skills, and connect the curriculum to local and global issues. Experts from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) shared insights and lessons about Project Based Learning on Friday, Sept. 4th, 2015

    A panel presentation on Project Based Learning:

    - Engaging and Supporting Faculty to Use Project-Based Learning

    - Project-Based Learning as a High-Impact Practice

    - Designing Powerful Project Learning Experiences

3. First Year Experience Resources

4. Resources on Engaged Learning

5. SUNY Applied Learning

6. Critical Thinking and Writing

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