Official Documents

In 2011 Farmingdale State College was awarded a six-year  million Title III "Strengthening Institutions" Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. That funding enabled the college to undertake a comprehensive strategic initiative to transform Farmingdale State College into a Learner-Centered Institution that exhibits the following features:

1. Engaging pedagogy and first-year programs
2. Supportive environment that includes robust student orientation, developmental and proactive academic advisement, mentoring, and support services
3. Students First ethos that pervades hiring, orientation & development of faculty and staff
4. Increased student engagement (e.g., experiential learning, co-curricular programs)
5. Systematic tracking and documentation of student learning and academic progress
6. Continuous improvement and strategic planning that is supported by data, assessment & evaluation of student learning and institutional performance

Dr. Beverly Kahn was author and project director of the Title III grant. Below you can access the annual reports and articles prepared by Dr. Kahn and as well as the outside evaluator's final report.