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Just as “learning is lifelong,” so likewise our own professional development must be sustained so that Farmingdale State College can remain a leader in educating students and in advancing knowledge. All faculty and staff are encouraged to explore and use the many opportunities and resources that are found on this website.

The faculty and staff who work directly with Farmingdale students are the heart of our institution. They sustain our dynamic learner-centered culture marked by:

  • Ongoing refinement of engaged pedagogies
  • Effective orientation programs
  • Holistic academic guidance and career planning that aids students in graduating on time, seizing new opportunities for learning and personal growth, and charting a bright future
  • Carefully-orchestrated high impact practices such as applied learning, internships, study abroad, service learning, and faculty-mentored research
  • Enriched cultural programming that advances the “life of the mind” and cultivates an appreciation of ethics, aesthetics, civic responsibility, and cultural diversity

The faculty are also scholars and researchers, advancing knowledge that benefits the larger society and that enhances teaching and student learning. And as funding is essential for all that we do, faculty and staff are encouraged to seek grants from outside sources. They are also invited to participate in our annual internal Students First Grants composition.

Finally, the dynamism of Farmingdale is sustained by strategic planning, continuous assessment, and ongoing improvement across all divisions.

The many resources available here are organized by category and are located via the tabs found on the left margin. In addition, for easy access, the following important initiatives currently advanced by the Provost’s office are highlighted here:

Articles by Beverly Kahn on Title III efforts at Farmingdale

Office of the Provost

Horton Hall, Room 230


Dr. Laura Joseph
Senior Vice President and Provost


Holly Gordon
 Admin. Assistant to the Provost


Lauren Romer
Assistant to the Provost


Loretta Costello
 Admin. Assistant to the Assistant to the Provost


Dr. Christopher Malone
Associate Provost


Dr. Jennifer Bryer
Interim Assistant Provost


Anice Dacosta
Admin. Assistant to the Associate & Assistant Provost


Justin Salvatore Dolce
Academic Project Coordinator

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