Grant Winner 2016 - 2017

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The "Students First Grants" program encourages and supports faculty in the development of active student-centered pedagogies across the curriculum, the use of newer technologies that engage students both in and outside of the classroom, co-curricular activities that include field trips, and creative strategies to assess student learning gains.  This robust initiative is intentionally aimed at incoming first year students so as to launch them effectively in their college experience by engaging them in their learning and building community among students. Eighteen faculty and staff were awarded 12 grants in 2016.

1. Qing Ai 

Qing Ai
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Email: Qing Ai; Tel: 934-420-2192


Project Title
Teaching Category: Active Language Learning in Elementary Spanish Classroom

Project Statement
Given the weakness of traditional classroom lecturing, I propose a bottom-up inductive pedagogy for elementary Spanish teaching, which takes a student-centered, task-based and communication-oriented approach. The project’s objectives are to promote active learning, improve learning outcomes, and integrate culture and communication into language learning.

2. David Byrne

David Byrne
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Email: David Byrne; Tel: 934-420-2692

Project Title
Teaching Category: Learning by Doing: CSI Comes Alive

Project Statement
In this enhanced Criminalistics CRJ 201 class, students engage in Experiential Learning pedagogy through the incorporation of a Mock Crime Scene Investigation scenario. Applying the knowledge and skills learned in class, students complete a real-life activity of solving a murder investigation through the use of forensic science. As part of a team, the students collect and analyze evidence with authentic tools and gear, handle chain-of-custody issues, write a Forensic Investigation Report and present their findings to a jury of classmates. Using a multi-method Assessment approach, this learning environment improves upon the traditional lecture and case studies of CRJ 201 by making for an enjoyable and productive learning environment. 

3. Lorraine Goldsmith & Stuart Chaskes

Lorraine Goldsmith
Assistant Professor of Biology
Email: Lorraine Goldsmith; Tel: 934-420-2175


Stuart Chaskes
Professor of Biology
Email: Stuart Chaskes; Tel: 934-420-2175

Project Title
Teaching Category: Engaging New Biology Majors in the Study of Biological Principles I & II

Project Statement
This proposal is to redesign and enhance Biology 130 Biological Principles I (fall lecture and lab) as well as Biology 131 Biological Principles II (spring lecture and lab) for Biological Sciences Majors. Changes will include: creating a more favorable student/teacher ratio, ensuring that all students enrolled are incoming first year biology majors who are also participants “Research-Aligned Mentorship” program created by our new First in the World Grant, and making it possible for that group of students to study under the same instructor for both the lecture and lab components..

4. Angela Jones


Angela Jones
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Email: Jing Feng; Tel: 934-420-5202

Project Title
Teaching Category: Visual Sociology: An Experiential Learning Course on Social Justice

Project Statement
At Farmingdale State College students should have access to a wide range of experiential learning courses. Experiential Learning (EL) is an active learning pedagogy in which students learn by solving real-world problems. In EL courses students learn by doing these high impact courses ask students to play an integral role in their own learning by critically reflecting on their experience engaging in course related activities. In the process of doing, students learn and develop new skills and ways of thinking.

In accordance with the best practices developed by NSEE, the PI, Angela Jones has developed an EL course called Visual Sociology to be offered in fall 2016 by the Sociology department. This proposed Visual Sociology course uses project based learning, activities outside of the classroom, and technology in and outside of the classroom to enhance student learning. Specifically, in Visual Sociology students will conduct a sociological analysis of a social justice issue that they choose. This project based course asks students to complete a creative work, conduct research, and do community service. As part of this project students will be using photographs to document their social issue, as well as conducting other research to aid in their analysis. Students will have numerous additional activities outside of class.

5. Jie Li

Jie Li
Assistant Professor of Computer Systems
Email: Jie Li; Tel: 934-420-2190

Project Title
Teaching Category: Employ Virtualization Technology in Introductory Operating System Course to Enhance Experiential Learning

Project Statement
This project is to enhance BCS215, an introductory course in UNIX operating systems, by employing virtualization technology in the course. Utilizing virtual operating systems on students’ own devices complements the current course approach of remote access to a school server. Students gain hands-on experiences working as an ordinary user in the real-world environment and as an administrator user in a virtual environment. The project effectively promotes experiential learning, allows students to explore new ways of doing and learning, and helps them become independent, motivated and efficient learners.

6. Evan Cooper

Evan Cooper
Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: Evan Cooper; Tel: 934-420-2573

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: Student Presentation of Original Research at 2017 Eastern Sociological Society Meeting

Project Statement
Student Presentation of Original Research at 2017 Eastern Sociological Society Meeting
Accompanied by at least one other department faculty member, I plan to take ten students to the Eastern Sociological Society meetings in Philadelphia, PA from February 23 – 24, 2017.  Students who have taken Sociological Research Methods (SOC 266) or our Research Internship (SOC 4XX) course will present their original research at the undergraduate student poster session and attend other conference activities.  This type of professional experience allows students to present and speak about their research in ways that will benefit them in their future careers.

7. George Fernandez


George Fernandez
Associate Professor of Visual Communications
Email: George Fernandez; Tel: 934-420-2426

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: The Role of "Propaganda" and American Illustrators in Shaping a Nations Decisions to Enter WWI

Project Statement
This student-faculty research project will focus on the time period of 1898 – 1917; and how Americas’ most distinguished illustrators, such as Charles Dana Gibson and James Montgomery Flagg, used their political cartoons and later posters in periodicals like Life and Colliers to shape public opinion about Americas involvement in WWI. Magazines were the most highly influential communications media of the time and it is here where the illustrator’s pen became a critical voice, spearheading a charge that opposed President Woodrow Wilson’s steadfast position of wartime neutrality. Research will look for evidence of how the illustrators’ messages shaped boarder policy. In addition to identifying and examining the political cartoons and posters of the era, the student researchers and I will explore both magazine and newspaper archives for reader response and popular discussion to better define and therefore gauge the temper of the debate surrounding American foreign policy.

Archival research will be conducted at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York and through digital library archives at the Greenley Library at the College. We will turn to Farmingdale library staff to offer guidance in that area.

8. Vicki Janik & Howard Gold


Vicki Janik
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Professional Communications
Email: Vicki Janik; Tel: 934-420-2562


Howard Gold
Assistant Professor of Professional Communications
Email: Howard Gold; Tel: 631-420-6277

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: 21st Century Digital and Professional Communication

Project Statement
Establish a student chapter of the Society of Technical Communicators (STC) at FSC to help all students explore the field of technical communications. The Professional Communications Department needs to provide its community of over 300 Professional Communication students an opportunity to join an industry-leading organization that offers the support of over 6,000 professional writers, artists, and other technical communicator members. 

Create an active learning environment by hosting Business and Communications Speakers representing local technology, media, and communication experts from publishing, local media, instructional design, and corporate training organizations across Long Island to meet with students; encourage participation of alumni.

9. Mihaela Radu


Mihaela Radu
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology
Email: Mihaela Radu; Tel: 934-420-2450

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: Mentoring Students Research in Fault Tolerant Digital Systems

Project Statement: The proposed research focuses on the design and implementation of fault tolerant digital systems, using the FPGA technology and the VHDL language. Students engaged in this research will design, simulate, implement, test and evaluate fault tolerant digital systems, such as controllers for vending machines, smart house, games, instrumentation, etc. Students will investigate different approaches designing fault tolerant systems, compare advantages and disadvantages of each method, evaluate system’s performance in terms of speed, area, hardware resources, etc.

In their research students will apply knowledge from the digital design sequence of courses. The digital design sequence is represented by the following courses: “Introduction to Digital Electronics”, “Digital Electronics” and “Digital Design”. The last one, which is a junior level course, is a design oriented course focusing on the design of digital systems using FPGA and VHDL.

In addition, students will be introduced to fault tolerant concepts, such as hardware and information redundancy, fault injector, fault modeling, state encoding of FSM, etc. Students will be encouraged to apply knowledge gained from this research by completing ambitious senior projects, to enter national and regional design competitions and to publish the results of the research in a journal or conference paper.

Some of the projects developed as a result of this grant will be incorporated in the EET 316-Digital Design course, where the introduction of project-based learning is a work-in-progress.

10. Christine Sacco-Sanchez & Mohamad Zoghi


Christine Sacco-Sanchez
Writing Center Director
Email:; Tel: 934-420-2082


Mohamad Zoghi
Assistant Professor of MET
Email: Mohamad Zoghi; Tel: 934-420-2315

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: Transitional Pipeline: Connecting Education to Industry

Project Statement
The proposed project is multi-faceted in that it will (a) create relationships with local industries, (b) create course content based on the needs of the local industries, (c) professionally train students with industry needs before graduation, and (d) connect students with internship and job opportunities. We intend to collaborate with and identify the needs of approximately five local automotive businesses specializing in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), and create content for AET 493 (Special Topics: Hybrid Electric Vehicle) based on those needs. As a result, we anticipate internship and job placement for the industry trained students.

11. Sarbjit Singh


Sarbjit Singh
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Email: Sarbjit Singh; Tel: 934-420-2786

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: A Time to Lead: A Sports Career Exploration Workshop for FSC Women

Project Statement
A 1-day symposium educating college women about the array of opportunities in the field of sports business and strategizing about how to secure a position.

12. Lynette Tiger

Lynette Tiger
Assistant Director of Admin in Aviation
Email: Lynette Tiger; Tel: 934-420-2577

Project Title
Co-Curricular Category: Alpha Eta Rho Field Trip

Project Statement
The Aviation Center is looking for funding/support for Alpha Eta Rho to improve learning through outside activities which would greatly benefit the student in the Aviation Program. Alpha Eta Rho mission statement is to "foster, promote and mentor today's college students towards successful careers in Aviation and Aerospace Sciences." There motto is "Collegiate Aviation Leaders of Today... Aviation Industry Leaders of Tomorrow."

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