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A Mechanical Engineering faculty member and student in a lab working with machinery.
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Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

Contact Information

Dr. Hazem Tawfik, Co-Chair
Dr. Jeff Hung, Co-Chair
Tara Zajack, Administrative Assistant

Mechanical Engineering Technology Department

Programs Offered and Requirements

1 (ETAC / ABET Accredited)
2 (ATMAE Accredited)

Program Educational Objectives


Student Data - Enrollment         Student Data - Degrees Awarded         Course Listing  


Faculty & Staff

Title Name Phone Number
Co-Chairman & Director IRTT Hazem Tawfik, Ph.D., P.E., C.Mfg.E. 631-420-2307
Co-Chairman & Associate Professor Jeff Hung, Ph.D. 631-420-2243
Distinguished Service Professor Serdar Elgun, P.E. 631-420-2046
Professor  Ahmed Ibrahim, Ph.D., P.E. 631-420-2309
Professor Dimitrios Maltezos, P.E. 631-420-2004
Professor Mahendra Shah 631-420-2311
Associate Professor &
Acting Chair Automotive Technology
Mohamad Zoghi, Ph.D. 631-420-2315
Associate Professor  Yeong Ryu, Ph.D. 631-420-2351
Assistant Professor &
Graduate School Coordinator
Gonca Altuger-Genc, Ph.D. 631-420-2117
Assistant Professor Hamindreza Ghadyani, Ph.D. 631-420-2062
Instructional Support Technician Daniel Weinman 631-794-6221
Administrative Assistant Tara Zajack 631-420-2046


Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Phone Number
Adjunct Associate Professor Robert Seyler 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor Donald Boos 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor John Bussani 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor William Calvo 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor Kevin Dusling 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor Neville Perkins 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor Rebecca Trojanowski 631-420-2046
Adjunct Assistant Professor Gozde Ustuner-Kal 631-420-2046
Adjunct Instructor James Eksi 631-420-2046