Alternate Site Testing Procedures

In some cases, extended test taking time is one of the appropriate accommodations for a student. All alternate site testing must be completed without interruption.

Due to Disability Services Center's hours of operation and student schedules, there may not be a sufficient block of  time available on the intended date of the exam. In such cases, scheduling of the exam may be modified with the cooperation of the instructor.


1. The student must present the "Testing Accommodation Form" from the Disability Services Center (DSC) to the instructor three (3) days prior to the date of the exam.

2. The instructor completes the form including the date and time of the class exam, how the test will be delivered to DSC, how the exam will be returned to the instructor, and any specific testing conditions that need to be followed.

Test Delivery Options:

  • Instructor (or designee) can drop off at Roosevelt Hall 151 in a sealed envelope.
  • Instructor can email exam to Email and Email
    A confirmation email will be sent once the exam has been successfully downloaded.
  • Exam can be delivered by student in a signed and sealed envelope.

Test Return Options:

  • Instructor (or designee) can pick up exam from Roosevelt Hall 150/151.
  • DSC can scan exam and email PDF to FSC email address OR another email address indicated on the form.

3. The form must be signed by both the instructor and the student, and returned to DSC, three (3) days prior to the date of the exam.

4. DSC requests that all exam are delivered at least 24 hours prior to test date.