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Commencement is a memorable moment for our graduates, their friends, families, and the entire Farmingdale State campus community. Commencement will take place in Nold Hall Gym. Please be sure which ceremony you are to attend. Please be sure which ceremony you are to attend. Please refer to the main commencement web page for a list of curricula within each school.  Please let your guests know that no backpacks, coolers or umbrellas will be allowed into the graduation area.  Furthermore, all individuals may be subject to search prior to admittance.

In order for your Commencement Day to be perfect:

  1. Graduates are required to assemble for instructions in Nold Hall Auxiliary Gym (follow signs for entrance) in cap, gown and hoods on Commencement Day (Please try on your cap and gown as soon as you pick it up to make sure it fits).  It will take about one to one and a half hours to sign in, fill out "name" cards properly, receive brief instructions and line up. Throughout the pre ceremony information session it is imperative that you follow the instructions of the Staff, Faculty, and Student Marshals who are organizing the event. Be patient and understanding. Please remember, graduation will take place in the main gym, so please consider the clothing and shoes that you will be wearing. Please enter the Nold Athletic Complex via the main doors. So that you understand what to do and when, PLEASE make every effort to be on time for the instructions. These instructions and line up take the place a rehearsal. 
  2. We will begin the walk and line up in the Nold Hall corridor at a time TBD.
  3. At a time TBD, the Commencement music will begin to play and the traditional pageantry of the Procession will begin the 98th Commencement Exercises of Farmingdale State. The ceremony should last about two hours. 
  4. It is important that your families and friends be seated PRIOR TO THE PROCESSION. NO ONE CAN BE SEATED DURING THE LENGTHY PROCESSION. Please let your guests know this in advance. Any guests needing special seating should arrive as early as possible, by approximately one hour prior to the start time of the commencement. An area has been reserved for guests needing special seating. Special needs seating is limited. Please be aware that to accommodate all individuals needing special seating, a maximum of two additional guests will be allowed entrance into the special needs area.
  5. Special seating arrangements will be accommodated in marked areas of the Complex including the front row of the bleachers. Please keep these seats available to those who truly need them.
  6. Remember, all diploma candidates are REQUIRED to wear the traditional cap, gown, and hood. There will be no exceptions.
  7. Graduates will be recognized individually. The students will stand by row and be led up the aisle by the Student Marshall. They will proceed to the left side of the stage (from the audience vantage point) and hand the card they were given to the reader for an announcement. Students will then walk across the stage and shake hands with the College President, Dr. Nader, as a photographer takes their pictures. Students will then continue off the platform to the right and return to their seats. Once all students receive their diplomas, they will be asked to stand as the President will then confer their degrees. All graduates will move their cap tassels from the RIGHT to the LEFT side.
  8. Shortly after this, the Recessional will begin with the President's Platform Party leaving the stage followed by the faculty. Graduates will stand in place until they receive instructions from their Student Marshals.
  9. Please tell your family and friends that ALL GUESTS MUST REMAIN IN THEIR SEATS UNTIL THE PLATFORM PARTY, FACULTY, AND GRADUATES HAVE LEFT THE AREA. Students and their families/friends should designate a meeting place outside the gymnasium. Please join us for a reception on the Great Lawn, between Nold Hall and Roosevelt Hall after the graduation.

Additional notes:

-Students must pick up caps and gowns (available through the bookstore) prior to commencement.

-Guests needing special seating should arrive when the doors open for each ceremony. This area is limited to those needing special seating. However, up to two others not needing special seating may sit with that individual.

-Please note the ceremony will be live streamed. Check back for a link.

We will continue to update you between now and Commencement with important notices. Please check your email regularly for updates and visit the website for new developments so that we can all make your Commencement a special and memorable occasion.