Frequently Asked Questions / What to Know About Tutoring


What is tutoring?

  • Instruction, coaching in a variety of disciplines by knowledgeable tutors in a comfortable setting
  • One-on-one and/or group tutoring, depending on demand

The role of a tutor is to provide additional assistance to students with their coursework. Tutors are not substitutes for attending class and they are not responsible for teaching course material or completing course assignments. Rather, tutors are available to help clarify course content and to help students develop effective ways to learn the material. Tutors also provide students with study strategies that they can utilize for exam preparation.

Please be advised: It is strictly against the Center's policy to assist students with any graded material, including homework, projects, take-home exams, etc. For more information, please view the Student Responsibilities page.

 How does tutoring work?

Tutoring is conducted on a walk-in basis (no appointments are necessary) and is available for currently registered Farmingdale State College students only. Simply check the schedules for the course you need assistance in and come prepared with your Farmingdale student ID card as well as any notes, books, or materials that will help you.

Please note: The Center only tutors students who are currently enrolled at Farmingdale State College and for courses they are currently enrolled in. If you are not a current student of the College (i.e. alumni, transferred to another institution, community member, etc.), you are not eligible to utilize the Center's services at this time.


Which courses can I receive tutoring in?

The Center tutors in most business, computer systems, science, and technology courses. Please see the tutoring schedules for specific tutor and course availability.


How can I access a copy of the schedules?

The tutoring schedules vary from each semester. Current schedules can be accessed here. It is advisable to check the Center’s website regularly for any up-to-minute schedule additions, revisions, or important announcements.


How much does tutoring cost?

Nothing! Tutoring is FREE of charge, sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Mandatory Student Activity Fee.


Where is tutoring held?

All tutoring sessions are held in the Tutoring Center, Greenley Hall (Library), Room 211 (next to the Writing Studio), unless otherwise noted.


Who are the tutors?

Typically, there are approximately 15-20 peer and 8-10 professional tutors each semester. Some of the professional tutors include:

  • Accountant
  • Graduate Students*
  • Medical Students*
  • Registered Nurse
  • Retired Certified Educator
  • Retired Engineers

*Farmingdale State College graduate


Why should I get tutored?

  • To help understand the concepts and content of the course material
  • To acquire skills necessary to excel academically
  • To foster self-confidence enabling a positive attitude


How can I prepare for my tutoring session?

Before coming in for a tutoring session, it is highly recommended that students do the following:

  • Go to class, listen attentively, take notes, and address questions with your instructor to clarify any difficulties or problem areas. Remember: tutors are NOT teachers. They are not responsible for teaching you any material. Rather, they are available to assist you with specific concepts that you learned in class.
  • Attempt to do your assignments and practice problems before coming to your tutoring sessions. Tutors are NOT permitted to do any assignments for you (exams, quizzes, homework, etc). This is a violation of the College's policy on Academic Integrity. 
  • Identify specific concepts/areas where help is needed prior to attending your session. 
  • Come prepared with all necessary materials: notes, books, handouts, etc. The Center does not maintain copies of textbooks. However, students may loan select textbooks from the Library.


How do I become a peer tutor?

Please visit the Become a Peer Tutor page for more information.


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