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W.E.B Du Bois Research Experience Conference

The W.E.B Du Bois Faculty Student Research Program hosted a conference on April 24, 2015 at Farmingdale State College.  The conference was a culmination of all the hard work of the faculty and students who participated in this pilot UR program.  In the morning, attendees walked through the student poster session and spoke with students about their research projects. Following the poster session, each guest, (approximately 70) attended one of two breakout sessions. In these oral presentations, faculty and the student research assistants delivered PowerPoint presentations about their research together.  After a luncheon, there was a keynote address by Dr. Timothy Paglione.

Break Out Sessions Included

Break Out Room A

Psychology Department MAP: A Comprehensive, Systematic Approach to Career Development and Advisement, Marya Howell-Carter, PhD and Kimberly Hutzel

Balancing Power and Belief to Maximize Cultural Intelligence: A Cross-Cultural Study of Chinese and American Students, Jing Betty Feng, PhD and Shivaughn Williams

Colonial middle class: Housing for public workers in 1950s Puerto Rico, Melixa Abad-Izquierdo, PhD and Barbara Bonilla

An Age of Independence or Same As It Ever Was?: Young Adulthood and Neighborhood Context, Aaron J. Howell, PhD and Scott McMillan

Farmingdale Oral History Project, Stephen Patnode, PhD and Kaitlyn Mackey

Bamboo Ceiling or Steeper Stairs: Are Asian-Americans Held to a Higher Standard, Andy Chiou, PhD, Shu Yang, and Justin Boone

Break Out Room B

Production Line Design and Scheduling: Simulation-based Supply Chain Analysis, Gonca Altuger-Genc, PhD and Lucy Tzitzimititla

Weighted Information Fusion Control for Highway Vehicle Platoons, Lijian Xu PhD and Peterson Macelus

Training Student on Applied Research in Information Security, Nazrul Islam, PhD and Theophilus Doe

Optimal Control for Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems with Real-Time Constraints, Lei Miao, PhD and Furious Jackson

Keynote Address: Timothy Paglione

Tim Paglione, Professor of Physics

Tim Paglione is a Professor of Physics & Astronomy, and chair of the Dept. of Earth & Physical Sciences at CUNY, York College. He received his PhD in astronomy from Boston Univ., and his BS in Physics from Stevens Inst. of Technology. Dr. Paglione is an observational astronomer, traveling the world or utilizing satellites to gather data on molecular clouds in nearby galaxies and our own Milky Way. He likes to work the ends of the spectrum, studying the radio emission of massive, star-forming clouds in starburst galaxies, as well as their very high energy gamma-ray emission. He and his students also study the gamma-ray emission from clouds in the Sun's neighborhood to probe both cloud structure and the properties of the very energetic particles (cosmic rays) that excite this emission. Dr. Paglione is also the lead of two undergraduate student mentoring projects that aim to increase the participation of underrepresented students in astronomy and other STEM fields. The NSF AstroCom NYC aims to improve the number of minorities entering astrophysics graduate school and runs out of the American Museum of Natural History. The NASA NY Space Grant Community College Partnership aims to improve graduation and transfer rates of minority community college STEM students. Both programs achieve these goals by engaging students in research and immersing them in the research environment. To read more about his work.