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Important Disease-Related Information


There are currently outbreaks of measles in fourteen states including New York. In addition, it was found that most people currently infected with the measles were not vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes measles as a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. It spreads through the air through coughing and sneezing. Measles starts with a fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat, and is followed by a rash that spreads to cover the body.

The most common complications from measles include ear infections and diarrhea; however, such ear infections can result in permanent hearing loss. More serious complications include pneumonia (infection of the lungs); encephalitis (swelling of the brain); for pregnant women, premature birth or low birth weight babies; and in some cases death. In addition there is a rate but fatal disease of the central nervous system, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) that can occur seven to ten years after a person has the measles. (

Measles can be prevented with a safe vaccination, which has proven to be very successful in the United States in the past. Measles was declared officially eliminated as of 2000; however, in 2014, 644 people in the US were diagnosed with measles, most cases originating outside of the country. Measles is still occurring in other parts of the world, with approximately 20 million people getting the disease and 146,000 of those people dying, each year. That equates to 440 deaths every day or about 17 deaths every hour. (

While you may have had two measles vaccinations or measles disease in the past, we strongly recommend that you consider laboratory testing (titer) to determine your actual level of immunity to measles. You can have that drawn at the Health and Wellness Center through your insurance, or if uninsured, at a reduced cost of $12.

If you have any questions about measles, measles vaccination, or the measles titer, please consult with your medical provider or contact the Health and Wellness Center at: 631-420-2009. 

EBOLA - preventive precautions

● Wash hands frequently or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

● Avoid contact with blood or bodily fluids of any person, particularly someone who is sick.

● Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or bodily fluids.

● Do not touch the body of someone who has died from Ebola.

● Do not touch bats and nonhuman primates or their blood and fluids and do not touch or eat raw meat prepared from these animals.

● Avoid hospitals where Ebola patients are being treated. The US Embassy or consulate is often able to provide advice on medical facilities.

● Seek medical care immediately if you develop fever (temperature of 101.5°F/38.6°C) and any of the other following symptoms: headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, or unexplained bruising or bleeding.

● Limit your contact with other people until you are seen by a doctor. Do not travel anywhere else besides a healthcare facility.


If you recently traveled to an affected area or have been exposed to someone who recently traveled to an affected area, the CDC recommends that you self-monitor your health for 21 days after you return. The CDC defines self-monitoring as checking your temperature daily for fever (101.5°F/38.6°C), and being aware of symptoms (listed above).

If you have been exposed and are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact the Health and Wellness Center immediately (631-420-2009). It is best to contact the Health and Wellness Center by phone before coming in person so that precautions can be taken to prevent exposure to others. If the Health and Wellness Center is closed, please contact a local emergency room by phone for guidance.

Again, this outbreak does not pose a significant threat to the U.S. or the Farmingdale State College campus. The College will continue to monitor the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and will update students accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Health and Wellness Center at 631-420-2009. 

Health and Wellness Center Information

The Health and Wellness Center is located next to Memorial Hall, and is staffed with nurses, physicians, and wellness counselors. The goal of the Health and Wellness Center is to enhance the student's educational experience at Farmingdale State and to enable completion of his/her respective degree program through awareness and prevention, visual aids, and wellness counseling. This wellness-focused facility incorporates seven components of wellness, which are physical, emotional, social/multicultural, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and environmental.

In one setting, two worlds of medicine work in a complementary manner to best address the "whole person" and his or her overall wellness. Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, yoga/meditation, and reiki are available in addition to traditional medical services. A relaxation/aroma therapy room is also available to enable students to escape from their busy schedules, to relax, and to help with stress management. Nurses are available for immediate assessment and a medical staff including physicians and a nurse practitioner. A women's health clinic is held weekly. Laboratory testing is available on site, and many medications are available if needed.

Total wellness of the student is our goal. Reaching the appropriate balance of the seven components of wellness through traditional and alternative medicine will best enable students to achieve their personal and educational goals. This will also better prepare them for the transition from college life into the working world.

The Health and Wellness Center staff will treat any personal health information with the strictest confidentiality, and will not be released to anyone without your knowledge and written authorization. There are legal exceptions which apply: if a student is an immediate danger to his/her self or others; if there is suspicion of elder or child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment of the student. Such exceptions are extremely rare.

Health and Wellness Center Staff

Director Audrey Krapf, RN, MBA, PhT, LRS-I, Notary Public
Associate Director Rosemary McCarthy, RN, BS
Nurse I Sharon Cellan, RN, BS
Nurse I Mirella Condoluci, RN, AS
Nurse I Kevin Murphy, RN, BS
Nurse Practitioner Catherine Adamcewicz, RN, MS, FNP-C
Physician Alan Frazzitta, MD
Physician Jeffrey Elfenbein, DO
Physician George K. Lau, MD
Administrative Assistant Linda Little
Medical Records Specialist Shanaz Khatoon
Alcohol and other Addictions Counselor Kathleen Casserly, CASAC, BS
Health Educator Nancy Smithwick, RN, AS

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