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Two students talking to each other and on the background, two students sitting on a bench.
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Charles Densford
Senator, Public Affairs Committee

Profile picture not available for Charles Densford

School: School of Business

Major: Computer Programming

E-Mail: densce@farmingdale.edu

Bio: My name is Charles Densford, I attend Farmingdale State College and my major is Computer Programming. I participate in many clubs on campus and I am currently the President of the Computer Tech Club. I joined SGA because I wanted to make a difference in my campus community by improving information and resources availability to my fellow students.  I want to make it easier for future students that will attend Farmingdale State College.

Quote: "There are those who bring love, ideals and purpose to life, and the rest of us who merely seek to understand it." - Chuck Powers

Christian Morales
Senator, Student Body at Large

Profile picture not available for Christian Morales
School: School of Business
Major: Information Systems with Computer Programming
E-Mail: morac2@farmingdale.edu

Bio: I’m an incoming Junior student who is involved in clubs such as Campus Activities Board and Slick Movement. This past year, I recently was in the Concert Committee organizing our school’s spring concert, while excelling in 6 classes, so you can say I’m pretty involved in Farmingdale. I joined SGA to voice the opinion of my peers and to further develop my relationship with Farmingdale State College.

Quote: "People will mistake your success for luck other than hard work." -Cristian Morales

Genesis Conception
Senator, Student Body at Large

Profile picture not available for Genesis Conception
School: Arts and Sciences
Major: Science, Technology and Society
E-Mail: concg@farmingdale.edu

Bio: I wanted to joined the SGA to be able to be the voice of my peers, construct solutions for students everyday problems on campus, to make Farmingdale State College a pleasant place for students to be able to interact and construct opportunities for students to be heard and be represented as a whole.

Quote: "Only one mountain can know the core of another mountain" -Frida Kahlo

James O'Brien
Senator, Public Affairs Committee

Profile picture not available for James O'Brien

School: Arts & Sciences

Major: Liberal Arts

E-Mail: obrijj@farmingdale.edu

Bio: I used to be very shy, my first two years of high school. However, by my senior year, I talked to people from all different groups of high school. From nerds to jocks I wanted to be friends with everyone. I joined SGA because I want to help unite the campus and raise school spirit.

Quote: "Pretending to be someone your not is stupid, just be yourself and you'll be fine."

Jarea Small
Senator and Chairperson of the Campus Life & Student Affairs Committee

Jarea Small

School: School of Health Sciences

Major: Nursing

E-Mail: smaljv@farmingdale.edu

Bio: Hi everyone and welcome to the Fall 2017- Spring 2018 school year at Farmingdale State College (FSC). I hope you all had a great summer and are ready to hit the ground running, just as myself and the rest of SGA will do to make your ideas for FSC come to life. Since my sophomore year, I was only involved with the resident student body as a RA, but now in my senior year, I am so excited to be involved with the entire student body. Even though I am a senior in the nursing program, I will never be too busy to conduct my duties, which are to listen to your concerns and advocate for the student body!

Quote: "It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do." - Jane Austen

Jahad Hoyte
Senator, School of Engineering Technologies and Senate Leader

Profile picture not available for Jahad Hoyte

School: School of Engineering Technology

Major: Aeronautical Science - Professional Pilot Program

E-Mail: hoytjd@farmingdale.edu

Bio: My name is Jahad Hoyte and I'm currently enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program seeking a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science. I'm an outgoing, and enthusiastic, individual ready to help make Farmingdale my new home. The reason I joined, Student Government Association was to help benefit the student body of Farmingdale State College.

Quote: "Man must fly above the earth to the top of the atmosphere & beyond. For only then he will fully understand the world in which he lives." -Socrates

Lailani A. Gibson
Senator, Finance Committee

Profile picture not available for Lailani A. Gibson

School: School of Business

Major: Business Management

E-Mail: gibsla@farmingdale.edu

Bio: Lailani is from Bay Shore, New York. She is a fond lover of music and has been performing in a local drum corp since she was 14. She is also member of various clubs on campus, such as Campus Activities Board, Backstage Theatre Company, and Research Alignment Program. She loves being a part of and contributing to the Farmingdale State College family as a member of Student Government, and hopes to help bring our campus to the next level.

Quote: You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Muhammad Gandhi

Mariely Olivo

Profile picture not available for Mariely Olivo

School: Arts & Sciences

Major: Science, Technology, and Society

E-Mail: olivm@farmingdale.edu

Bio: I want to join SGA to learn leadership skills and take up the responsibility or challenge of being a leader. Helping other to learn what it means to be a true leader in a world of followers.

Quote: “I never like to think about going back; I only look forward” - Derek Jeter

Matthew Schinasi
Senator, Campus Life & Student Affairs Committee

Profile picture not available for Matthew Schinasi

School: Arts & Sciences

Major: Applied Psychology

Email: mschima2@farmingdale.edu

Bio: Matthew is a senior within the Applied Psychology program. He joined SGA to improve the overall experience of Farmingdale State College students. 

Quote: "Try not to be a man of success but a man of value" - Albert Einstein

McLee Emile
Senator and Chairman of PR Committee

Profile picture not available for McLee Emile

School: Arts & Sciences

Major: Criminal Justice

E-Mail: emilm@farmingdale.edu

Bio: Born in Haiti but pursuing my dreams here in the states. I'm studying criminal justice and will be a police officer in the near future. I love to dance and edit videos.

Quote: "Do What You CAN'T" - Casey Neistat

Megan Chorusey
Senator for the Student Body, Financial and Organizational Affairs Committee, Speaker of the House

Profile picture not available for Megan Chorusey
School: School of Business
Major: Business Management
E-Mail: chormd@farmingdale.edu

Bio: Being a sister of Sigma Delta Tau made me realize the importance of unity and understanding. As Speaker of the House, I strive to bring those qualities to our campus as a whole and create one successful community.

Quote: "A little coffee, a little sunlight - your troubles will get smaller." - Richard Webber

Michael Kelly

Profile picture not available for Michael Kelly

School: Arts & Sciences

Major: Bioscience with a Chemistry Minor

E-Mail: kellm2@farmingdale.edu

Bio: The reason why I joined Student Government Association (SGA) and took this responsibility is to help reach one of my goals of making my college career something i can reminisce on while saying I made an everlasting impact by being a part of something greater. With this position i want to fulfill my obligations and duties for student advocacy to make the unspoken, heard and to have a voice.

Quote: "A leader can's lead unless he knows where he is going."

Noma Nayyar
Senator, Finance Committee

Profile picture not available for Noma Nayyar

School: School of Engineering Technology

Major: Security Systems

E-Mail: nayyn@farmingdale.edu

Bio: I am a junior pursuing my career in Security Systems. I will strive to ensure the best interests of my fellow students be voiced. Also, take the advice of many of my undergraduate classmates as well as the upper-class staff to make sure that the School of Engineering will offer the best experience possible for prospected as well as current students.

Quote: “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion of duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” -Muhammad Ali Jinnah