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Resident Assistants

Apply Now for our rolling application process and become an RA!

Position Purpose:

The purpose of the Resident Assistant is to enhance the quality of life in the residence halls, while supporting the academic mission of the College for the students in the community. The position is one with many challenges and many rewards. It requires an individual who is flexible enough to assume a variety of roles as directed by the changing needs of students. It is crucial that an individual be able to relate well to others and handle administrative responsibilities. The RA is more than just a friendly presence; she/he is the crucial link in creating an environment in which students develop independence and learn to live cooperatively with others. Few student positions have such demanding responsibilities and high potential for positive impact on others.

Position Responsibilities & Expectations:

  • Time Commitment and Duty
    • The position can be very demanding in terms of time and energy. Staff must be available during the week and on weekends. Each RA will be expected to sit duty according to a rotation that will be decided during RA Training. The nature of the position is such that its responsibilities are determined not so much by a clock or a calendar, but by the needs of residents. Some periods, such as training, opening, and closing will require more time than average, but other responsibilities will arise that cannot always be anticipated and scheduled
  • Training
    • Actively participate in all of Fall Training which will be held prior to the opening of the residence halls.
    • Attend and participate in staff meetings.
    • Arrange for individual meetings with your supervisor for regular performance evaluations and/or one on ones.
  •  Community Development
    • Develops an open, personal relationship with all of the residents within the hall.
    • Responds fairly and consistently to violations of residence hall and College policies.
    • Encourages residents to share responsibility for maintaining a respectful and positive living environment conducive to socializing, academics, study, and sleep.
    • Assists residents in interpersonal conflict resolution, which may include mediating disputes between individuals or groups.
    • Available to assist all students with their personal and group concerns.
    • Encourages leadership development through involvement with Hall Council and campus activities.
    • Maintains regular contact with all floor residents.
    • Demonstrates active listening skills and supportive behaviors in interactions with residents.
    • Role models behaviors that reflect RAs consideration and respect for all individuals within the community.
    • Works to develop a community that strives to understand, respect, accept, and celebrate diversity in all of its aspects.
    • Identifies and assists residents with concerns, and keeps the supervisor informed of these concerns. 
    • Promotes a positive working relationship among staff members.
  • Resources
    • Is acquainted with the following areas so as to serve as an effective informational and referral agent for hall residents:
      • College academic procedures and departments
      • Important offices or departments in other areas of the college
    • Maintains a thorough working knowledge of residence hall policies and procedures.
      • Keep flyers and posters concerning campus events and organizations current and neatly displayed.
  • Communication
    • Prepares informational reports and completes documents as requested by their supervisor.
    • Ensures the delivery of crucial information and materials from Residence Life and other college sources to residents.
    • Maintains confidentiality with staff-related issues, including incident documentation, mental health issues, and disciplinary status of residents.
    • Conducts regular building rounds on duty nights.
    • Assist in check-in and check-out of residents.
  • Programming
    • Assesses needs and interests of floor and hall residents by interacting with all of them on a regular basis.
    • Initiates programs, activities, and community development within the resident halls that address the social, recreational educational and developmental aspects of the residents' lives.
    • Considers the needs of a diverse population when developing programs.
    • Encourages residents to attend programs of special relevance or interest to them.
    • Supports resident involvement in program development and through hall council.
  • Student Conduct
    • Knows understands and abides by College regulations.
    • Communicates policies and the rationale behind them to residents.
    • Establishes behavioral expectations.
    • Works with staff members to promote a responsible living/learning atmosphere in the hall.
    • Informs the Resident Director of actual and potential conduct problems.
    • Acts as a positive role model in both academic and personal behavior for other students.