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Artists & Lecturers Program

Clare Forstie & Edward Plough,

Committee Members
George Fernandez
Nahid Jafariasbagh
Michaela Porubanova
Allison Puff
Lisa Prazak
Louis Scala
Sarbjit Singh

Artists & Lecturers Program (ALP)

Upcoming Events:

Toby Tobias: Journey to Johannsburg tobias

Toby Tobias, a native of South Africa, is a local singer-songwriter who grew up in Johannesburg during the Apartheid era in a traditional Jewish household. His new show, Journey from Johannesburg, features theatrical vignettes and songs based on his life there and later in Israel, before he settled in America.


Where: Little Theater, Roosevelt Hall

When: March 28, 11 - 12

chalmersDr. David Chalmers: The Virtual and the Real

Is virtual reality truly real? The most common view is that virtual reality is a sort of fictional or illusory reality, and that what goes in in virtual reality is not truly real. I will defend the opposite view: virtual reality is a sort of genuine reality, and what goes on in virtual reality is truly real. Virtual objects are real objects, and virtual events really happen. In principle, one could live a fully meaningful life in virtual reality.

Where: Little Theater, Roosevelt Hall

When: April 9, 11 - 12

  • The committee's main objective is to foster the intellectual climate of the college by bringing in speakers that address current issues, share their artistic and creative endeavors, or relate their unique life experience and work. An external speaker program is aligned with the mission of the college, specifically with the goal of increasing co-curricular activities to support initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to identify established thought leaders and emerging voices who can introduce innovative ideas dealing with a wide-variety of subject matter to the FSC community.
  • The purpose and conceptual basis for the Artist & Lecturers Committee is to:
    • Enrich the campus cultural, intellectual, and social life.
    • Support diversity of events, including lecturers, artist exhibits, and related presentations, and performances.
    • Provide a means for various departments and programs on campus to request support for events that may attract audiences of various sizes, all open to the public.
    • Some programs may be targeted at a broad audience
    • Some programs may be more specialized and attract smaller audiences
    • All events are open to the public. There is no admission charge.