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Full Time Faculty

Donna Proper, Chair & Assistant Professor Phone: 631-420-2471
Email: properd@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 155
George Fernandez, Associate Professor Phone: 631-420-2426 
Email: fernang@farmingdale.edu
HALE 146
Thomas Germano, Professor Phone: 631-420-2468
Email: germant@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 147
 Paul Gustafson, Professor Phone: 631-420-2179
Email: gustafpe@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 151
 Jack Harris, Assistant Professor Phone: 631-420-2008
Email: harrisj@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 150
 Wayne Krush, Associate Professor Phone: 631-420-2425
Email: Krushwj@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 168
 Mark Moscarillo, Assistant Professor Phone: 631-420-2428
 HALE 173
 Allison Puff, Acting Associate Provost & Professor Phone: 631-420-2122
Email: puffa@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 229A
 Bill Steedle, Acting Assistant Dean & Associate Professor Phone: 631-420-2430
Email: steedlwj@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 153
 Jennie Thwing, Assistant Professor Phone: 631-794-6204
Email: thwingj@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 152

Full Time Staff

 Pete Greco, Instructional Support Specialist Phone: 631-420-2528
Email: grecopj@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 143
 Joyce LoBue, Secretary Phone: 631-420-2181
Email: lobuej@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 156
 Yolanda Segarra, Instructional Support Associate Phone: 631-420-2180
Email: segarry@farmingdale.edu
 HALE 154