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Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty Contact Information Location
Dr. Garrett Beier Phone: 631-420-6513
Email garrett.beier@farmingdale.edu
THOM 214
Dr. Jonathan Lehrer, Chairperson Phone: 631-420-2711
Email jonathan.lehrer@farmingdale.edu
THOM 202

Dr. Nick Menchyk

Phone: 631-420-2172
Email nicholas.menchyk@farmingdale.edu
THOM 211
Prof. Michael Veracka Phone 631-420-2392
Email michael.veracka@farmingdale.edu
THOM 208
Prof. Stevie Famulari Phone: 631-420-2302
Email stevie.famulari@farmingdale.edu
THOM 203
Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Richard Arnedos Phone: 631-420-2113
Email rarnedos@nassaucountyny.gov
THOM 202
Prof. Debbie Cassidy Phone: 631-420-6468
Email debbie.cassidy@farmingdale.edu
Prof. Larry Ferrandiz Phone: 631-420-2113
Email lferrandiz@keyspanenergy.com
THOM 202
Prof. Dennis Flynn Phone: 631-420-2113
Email Dennis.Flynn@parks.nyc.gov
THOM 202
Prof. Susan Lacerte Phone: 631-420-2113
Email scarves29@optonline.net
THOM 202
Prof. Rusty Schmidt Phone: 631-420-2113
Email: schmidr@farmingdale.edu
THOM 202
Prof. Nelson Sterner Phone: 631-420-2113
Email: sternenw@farmingdale.edu
THOM 202
Department Staff
Mr. Mark Bannon Phone: 631-420-2023
Email bannonm@farmingdale.edu
THOM 212
Ms. Filomena Viti, Secretary Phone: 631-420-2113
Email vitif@farmingdale.edu
THOM 202
Ms. Debbie Cassidy Phone: 631-420-6468
Email debbie.cassidy@farmingdale.edu
Mr. Fred Lingner Phone: 631-420-2132
Email fred.lingner@farmingdale.edu
THOM 213
Mr. Matthew Stanco Phone: 631-420-2760
Email: stancom@farmingdale.edu