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Welcome to the ERP Alliance Page

Infor EAP Partnerships

Farmingdale State College's ERP Alliance is pleased to announce a new Partnership with INFOR for their CSI Product.

Infor has endowed the CSI, Cloud Suite Industry Product for Farmingdale State College Students to learn the Cloud Suite Industrial.

Please see the Campus Times Description of this partnership.

Farmingdale State College (Dr. Jill O'Sullivan) has Partnered with SYNERGY Resources for the past 7 years to bring to students the Visual ERP tool that we use in our ERP classes.

Hundreds of students from these classes are now working at local and national companies because of this partnership. Acquiring these skills has given them a distinct advantage when interviewing for jobs. With Doctor O'Sullivan's contacts and the many companies that support this effort students have successfully made the transition from the classroom to the business world. We have many success stories of students who are now earning a living and using an ERP system in their functions. There are around 800 plus companies in this territory that use this product and want our students.

Based on the success of this effort and the skills students have acquired the class won the PM100 Award where industry recognized the importance of this type of preparation of students before they enter the workforce.

The PM100 Award is a recognition given to 100 companies worldwide. Farmingdale State College was the only educational institution to receive this prestigious award. The award was presented to Dr. Jill O'Sullivan as a result of her arduous and devoted dedication to Enterprise Resource Planning and student preparations.

We are now piloting the Infor CSI product in the ERP classroom. Up until this point, the ERP software used in our classrooms has been the Infor VISUAL Enterprise that was gifted to us by Synergy Resources. Each student has their own database in which to explore, experiment, and learn. The two course offered are the ; Introduction to ERP and Advanced ERP Scheduling and Planning. The real world ERP tool used is the third largest in the world, the Infor Visual ERP. Today with the Cloud Suite Industry Product and the Visual tool we are significantly able to provide our students with skills that are in demand today.

We are working with local Infor CSI and Visual Customers to tour their facilities and have our students apply for their open positions.

We have a dedicated Intern handling the INFOR CSI activities.  As an introduction here is a letter he has sent to all attendees of the first Infor trip this coming Monday, October 30, 2017.

What Is The ERP Alliance

We are a band of educators and industry members that share a common goal--to better educate our students so they can meet the needs of local and national industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a necessity in today's industry.

Many Company executives come to our classes to discuss the use of the tool and the need for students prepared with these skills. We take these classes to companies that use these tools which allows students to have a first hand look at the tools in use while they tour these manufacturing or distribution facilities.

Together we can bridge the gap between academia and industry and with this partnership we have been and will continue to be successful.

Why Should students learn to use an ERP systems?

Because many Companies use these tools. 

Many students from this ERP class have been hired by local and national companies that use ERP.