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Lifted Roots-A Growing Idea on What The Future May Bring  

Two years ago, William Turano decided he wanted to grow food for a living. However, as cold as the winter is in New York, he knew that trying to grow food year around wouldn't work.
As William got more familiar with indoor agriculture, he decided why not grow food indoor and manage it year around. With an indoor farm, he could provide customers the freshest food possible, straight from the root to the kitchen.

Soon after his decision to grow food he found an investor and started his full time indoor farm in New Hyde Park, and therefore Lifted Roots was created. All while being a student at Farmingdale in the Horticulture program, he heard about the New York State Business Plan Competition and decided to bring his business plan to the competition.

After months of competing in the NYSBPC, William got a great sense of business experience. Going through the stages of the competition made him stronger in the way he presents his business, and exposed him to the world of business. Even though he didn't win the grand prize he did win the people's choice award for his business plan at the Statewide NYBPC in Albany. The competition was a wonderful experience for William, and he is planning on competing again for spring 2018.

Currently William has three big accounts that he sells directly to, and he plans to expand his indoor farm as he grows his business so he can take on more accounts.
Don't be afraid to speak about your ideas, they could be the next big thing. So, if you have a service or product in mind from any major that Farmingdale offers join the competition that will help you grow your idea from a tiny seed to a blossoming business idea.

Billy Turano standing in a pink room.

Billy Turano in his Lifted Roots Sustainable Garden