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Students in a conference room looking at a laptop.
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Professional Development Series

Below are the various workshops that run through the Professional Development Series. Check the schedule to see which workshops are offered this semester.

Workplace Organizational Skills

This workshop focuses on goal setting, preparing for the interview and time management in business.

Goal Setting: Discuss the difference between long and short term goals.  Learn to use SMART system to develop goals.

Prepare for the Interview: Evaluating your career interests, how to research a company when choosing a position to apply to, as well as become prepared for the interview. Helpful pointers also touch how to make a good first impression, build confidence to enter the interview and what to do after.

Time Management in Business: Learn how to prioritize, organize, eliminate distractions, stay focused, schedule email and phone calls when possible to eliminate interruptions, and avoid procrastination.  Discussion of the 80/20 rule to utilize time more effectively.

Analytical and Interpersonal Skills

This workshop focuses on assessing your career interests, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving and critical thinking in the workplace, and leveraging your opportunities.

Assessing your career interests: Students will relate their interests and skill sets to the different fields of business management.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Topics covered include how to listen actively, maintain eye contact, be aware of body language, ask questions and effectively carry on a conversation. Students so often communicate via telephone and email they diminish their ability to communicate face-to-face.

Problem solving and Critical Thinking in the Workplace: This covers the process of analyzing a situation, gathering as much information as possible, evaluating possible solutions, and implementing a course of action.  

Leveraging your opportunities: Learn what not to do at your internship, and how to leverage yourself to make the most out of your internship.

Dress for Success

Hosted by the Business Management Department, Nordstrom will conduct a Dress for Success presentation which includes: preparing for the interview, samples displays for men and women of what to wear/not to wear, body language/appearances, and more.