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Business Management Internship Program FAQ

No. When reviewing opportunities family owned businesses are not accepted. When students work at a business owned by a family member or a close family acquaintance, it causes a conflict of interest and the evaluations may not be as objective as they should be.

No. You may not use your “job” as an internship. The company you work for may have internship/training programs that you might apply for in addition to your job position. The purpose of an internship is to gain a practical learning experience in a specified field of interest, and to try something new.

Yes. To earn academic credit for a business internship course, you must be enrolled in the Business Management or Global Business Management Program at FSC and receive approval from the Internship Coordinator.

You must have a mode of transportation to get to the company/ organization. Depending on where your internship is located, you might need to drive or you may be able to take mass transportation. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the transportation to meet their hourly required commitment.

No. Unfortunately, no internship will be considered for academic credit without prior approval by the Internship Coordinator. If you are considering taking an internship for academic credit, please visit the Business Management Internship Office prior to starting the internship.

Yes, you may, however all internships must be approved by the Internship Coordinator prior to the start of the internship. The supervisor must submit an internship job description to the Internship Office for review. Please note that Internship positions must be business-related.

You cannot register for the internship course via Oasis. You must first submit the required documentation and receive approval from Internship Coordinator. If approved and hired for an internship you would then visit the Internship Office to pursue internship course enrollment procedures.

No. This is an opportunity to explore different career areas and figure out what you do and don’t enjoy. You can narrow down your options by excluding areas of less interest. Another solution would be to reflect on previous business courses which you enjoyed the most. Then you can assess your goals and gear an internship position towards an industry of your interest.

PLAN AHEAD! Consider which semester would be best for you to intern and plan your class schedule with that in mind. Students must sign up the semester before they wish to participate. You should attend an information session and meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your interests and a reasonable time-line. It is suggested that you prepare a resume, assess your skills, knowledge, abilities and goals for the type of internship you would like to pursue.

You must meet the minimum 100 hour class equirement working for the internship. Depending on your internship start date, it will be an average of about 8 to 15 hours per week (and depending upon the employer) Discuss hourly expectations with your supervisor, they are generally flexible. Set aside a couple hours a week to complete internship course assignments.

First, read about internships, the program eligibility requirements, and attend an information session. Then, complete and submit all required documentation to the Internship Office. After your application is reviewed you will be notified by e-mail of your program status. Then you will meet one-on-one to discuss your interests, for company contact information, interview status, and course enrollment procedures. Students are required to communicate through their Farmingdale e-mail account.

Students are not required to work during campus breaks, unless upon request of your supervisor. However, completing internship hours during this free time period may be beneficial. Discuss campus breaks and scheduling with your supervisor at the start of your internship.

No. The course students get credit for when doing an internship with the Business Management Internship Program is an upper level business elective, therefore only Global Business Management and Business Management students can participate. Students should inquire with their curriculum department about credit bearing internships.

Internships on campus have different requirements depending on the Program where they belong. Although all departments have similar requirements for internships, all programs have different specifications.
Most internships end at the conclusion of the semester and some once you have met the required hours. However, students are advised to speak with the company early on to understand their expectations and devise a conclusion time frame. For example, they may want you to finish up a project which you started.