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A pannel of women giving a talk to a group of students.
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Business Management Department

Contact Information

Office: School of Business, Room 329
Hours: M-F 8:30-4:45

Dr. Nanda Viswanathan,

Assistant Dean & Chairperson
Phone: 631-420-2705
Email: viswann@farmingdale.edu
Fax: 631-420-2130

Ms. Lynzee Daniel, Secretary
Phone: 631-420-2015
Email: daniell@farmingdale.edu
Fax: 631-420-2130
Mrs. Patricia Visgauss,
Office Assistant
Phone: 631-794-6343
Email: visgaup@farmingdale.edu
Fax: 631-420-2130

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Business Management Department

The Business Management Department strives to provide applied business learning experiences that focus on developing a student's thinking and analytical skills. Graduates from the Business Management degree programs not only understand the functions and issues facing businesses in the modern world economy but have learned and practiced the skills to creatively solve modern problems. Through classroom experiences, internships, guest speakers, lecturers, and student associations, the Business Management Department connects the classroom to the business world. Students from the Department of Business Management develop a mastery of intellectual and practical business skills. Classes cross disciplines and incorporate imagination, expression, and the interrelationships of global and multicultural forces on the business environment. Upon graduation, they will be able to transform information into knowledge and knowledge into judgment and action.

The Business Management Department also tries to foster in its students a sense of social responsibility and ethical judgment. Effective decision making and creative problem solving must be mediated by a sense of the larger impact decisions may have. Through applied learning experiences, case study, internship and business simulation, students are develop the ability to analyze the potential outcomes and implications of their decisions.

Dr. Nanda Viswanathan


We are now gearing up for Summer/Fall 2019 internships