Computer Systems Internship Program Testimonials

Hello Professor Tuchinsky,
I am writing to you today regarding the BCS 440 course I took over the summer. The course overall was a very enjoyable experience. It had a lot of perks to it, such as the ability to learn hands-on as opposed to in a class setting. I received a clear understanding of the difference by taking Android Development this previous semester. The Android course was organized in such a way where we were very crunched for time trying to learn concepts without really understanding how to apply them. But during the internship, I got to see the different tactics that are used when building a large-scale Mobile Application. Itself course was structured pretty well, 10 journal entries, and overall short essay, and the internship was only a couple of days each week. I got to work one-on-one with the same person mentoring me throughout the entire session. The environment was small. The office included Alex, his partner Paul, as well as myself. Alex would give me small tasks and tutorials to accomplish while I was there so I would be able to assist him in developing the frontend of our application. Within a 10 week period, we were able to finish and deploy the app to the Google Play Store which was quite an accomplishment for such a short period of time. The most beneficial part of this experience was how it helped me to better understand the process of frontend development, which has landed me a part-time job at Broadridge Financial Solutions as a frontend Web Developer. I hope this overview helps with what you are trying to accomplish on the Farmingdale website, please let me know if there is anything else I can provide you with.


Griffin Flaxman

Last Modified 5/21/20