Computer Systems Internship Program

Computer Systems Internship Program
The Computer Systems Department supports an internship program, which is BCS 440. As a participant in the Internship Program, a student may spend a semester or summer gaining academic credit while working at a local company. The Internship is supervised by both faculty and professional staff. Internships allow students to test career intentions, improve skills in written and oral communications, develop professional skills and acquire work experience which will be useful when seeking employment upon graduation.

For additional information, see the Guidelines for Participation and Internship Program Fact Sheet/FAQs

Any company interested in supporting your internship would need to submit the Internship Program Agreement

The following documents are to be used by students during the course of their internship:

  1. Internship Program Application
  2. Weekly Time Sheet
  3. Monthly Time Sheet


Whitman Hall, Room 112
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


 Jill O'Sullivan


Russell Esposito
Internship Coordinator


Denise Backman
 Administrative Assistant 1


 Kathy Kollar
 Instructional Support Specialist

Last Modified 6/1/20