Internship Guidelines For Participation


As a participant in the Internship Program, a student may spend a semester or summer gaining academic credit while working at a worksite. The Internship is supervised by both faculty and professional staff. Internships allow students to test career intentions, improve skills in written and oral communications, develop office skills, and acquire work experience which will be useful when seeking employment upon graduation.


Students may earn 3 credits. In order to obtain 3 credits, a student must spend approximately 110 hours during the semester at the Internship placement site.


To be considered for the Internship Program, the student must:

Complete 60 semester hours of credit by the time the Internship begins from FSC.

Transfers need at least 15 BCS courses for 30 credits

Have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their curriculum.

Submit an up-to-date Resume.

Complete a Student Internship Application Form.

Arrange his/her Internship placement.


After the student has submitted his/her application, the following steps must be taken to receive credit for the Internship.

  • The Internship Coordinator must approve the Internship Program Application.
  • The student must then sign off on the Internship Program Agreement and arrange for the Employer to sign off as well.
  • The student and the employer must sign the Internship Learning Contract.
  • The Internship Program Agreement and the Internship Learning Contract must be signed by the Internship Coordinator. A faculty advisor will then be assigned to the student.
  • Upon final approval, the Internship Coordinator will arrange to have the student registered in BCS440 – CPIS Internship.
  • A final report, detailing the scope of the work completed, must be submitted to the student's faculty advisor. The advisor will be responsible for assigning the final grade.

                                                                                                 Internship Coordinator: Jill O'Sullivan 934-420-2190

Last Modified 5/21/20