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BCS 430W*: Senior Project

The primary objective of this course is to give Computer Programming and Information Systems students an opportunity to integrate techniques and concepts acquired in their other courses. Elements will be drawn primarily from BCS301 (Systems Analysis and Design) and BCS260 (Database), in addition to other courses in the student’s selected track of study. The course is experiential in nature i.e. the student will be required to produce results for use by real individuals and will be evaluated both on process and product. In addition to prerequisites, a second-level programming course with a grade of C or better, and Senior-level standing is required. This is a writing-intensive course.  Credits: 3.00  


EGL101, BCS 260, BCS 230, BCS 301 with a grade of C or better

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will:

1.    Develop an information system that includes analysis, design, planning and organization based on a real-life or simulated situation.

2.    Create reports including Preliminary Investigation, Systems Requirement, System Design Specifications, and Final Documentation.

3.    Present seminars on each phase of the system.

4.    Implement and demonstrate the system.

5.    Maintain a journal/diary describing the step-by-step progress.

6.    Contribute to the peer review process.


Systems Analysis and Design, Rosenblatt, Cengage Learning, 10th Edition, ISBN: 978-1-285-19249-9.


Students will be given the opportunity to work in a team to plan, design, build, demonstrate and document a completed information system.


1.    Students cannot get credit for BSC 430 and 430W; BCS 430W can be used to fulfill the writing intensive requirement.*

2.    Offered at the discretion of the Computer Programming and Info Systems Department.