CSTEP/LSAMP Student Spotlight

CSTEP Senior Class of 2020-2021

Congratulations to the CSTEP Senior class of Winter 2020 & 2021. Take a look at what they are up to next.

Graduate female student lifting up her hands.

Graduate male student next to the Ram sculpture.

Sonia Chemerisov, Bioscience, Salutatorian
University of Pittsburgh, Dental School

Jeshurun Colon, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Binghamton University, PHD Biomedical Engineering Program

Diego Cordova, Electrical Engineering Technology
Stony Brook University, PHD

Jhair Alzamora, Electrical Engineering Technology
Stony Brook University, PHD

Kevin Beckford, Electrical Engineering Technology
Rice University, PHD

Darrien Hunt, Computer Programming & Information Systems
Hampton University, Masters Degree

Madlyn Espinoza, Computer Programming & Information Systems
JP Morgan, Software Engineer

Seiji Clark, Mechanical Engineering Technology
San Jose State University, Aerospace Engineering Masters Program

Nepxy Mendez, Science Technology & Society
Mount Sinai, Accelerated Nursing Program

Andy Charolin, Science Technology & Society
Mount Sinai, Accelerated Nursing Program

Shevon Rose, Bioscience
SUNY DownState Medical Center, Accelerated Nursing Program

Dylan Dominguez, Bioscience
Applying to medical school

Chidozie Alozie, Bioscience
Applying to medical school

Chris Lopez, Bioscience
Applying to medical school

Abrielle Ortiz, Bioscience
Applying to medical school

Leonel Paul, Bioscience
Applying to Medical School

Sophia Gomes
Applying to PA School

Dixie Vasquez, Bioscience
Applying to Optometry School

Christopher Merino, Bioscience
Applying to Optometry School

Darrien Hunt, smiling.

Congratulations to CSTEP student, Darrien Hunt, who was recently published in FSCNOW for his campus advocacy and accolades. Darrien was presented the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence Special Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and was the only recipient in all of SUNY. He also established the first NAACP chapter at Farmingdale State College. Darrien heads off to Hampton University for a masters degree.


Virtually, was the best time for CSTEP to implement our new Personal Enrichment Program! We paired up mentors and mentee's of similar majors to get a chance to network, socialize & seek academic & personal guidance from their peers. The P.E.P program was a great way to combat the isolation faced by so many student during the pandemic. Check out our mentor & mentee pairs!

Monica Cordova

CSTEP student Monica Cordova, is a Sophomore in the Bioscience program participating in an internship with Dr. Park in NYC's East River. “This internship was a game changer for me because COVID took away the opportunity to learn about many of the animals from lectures in an in-person classroom setting. Now that I actually get to see what I learned, that knowledge sticks”.
Monica Cordova in the water holding a fish for research project

Congratulation CSTEP Alumna

Congratulation to CSTEP Alumni Maria who won the coveted Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.
Female student smiling, posing for a picture

President's Award for Student Leadership

Congratulations to CSTEP students Sonia, who received the President's Award for Student Leadership.
Sonia, recipient of the President's Award for Student Leadership.

What Have You Given Today?

Thanks to the CSTEP Advisory Board members, CSTEP has jumped into action to give back to its community.

CSTEP Beach Clean Up

CSTEP partnered with the WaterFront Center, a non-profit community marine education center, to orchestra a massive beach cleanup. CSTEP students spent their Saturday cleaning up a local beach, collecting over 400lbs in plastic, paper, cigarettes, gun shells and waste.
A group of students posing on the beach.

CSTEP Thanksgiving Food Drive

CSTEP students helped to coordinate a campus wide food drive, which generated over $1,000.00 in donations of food, toiletries and gift cards to St. Kilian's Church.
CSTEP students surrounded by boxes of food collected for a food drive.

CSTEP & LSAMP Students Attend Convention

Student spotlight to CSTEP & LSAMP students Madlyn & Francisco who attended the 2019 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers National Convention in Arizona.
Madlyn & Francisco posing in front of sign that says familia.
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