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Physics Faculty and Staff
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Physics Faculty and Staff Home Pages

Lloyd Makarowitz, Chairperson and Professor

George N. Caviris, Professor

Yuen S. Chinn, Professor

Edmund Douglass, Assistant Professor

Gary Ferrigno, Associate Professor

Bryan J. Field, Assistant Professor

Yuri Janssen, Assistant Professor

Morton P. Seitelman, Professor

Jack W. Simonson, Assistant Professor

Solomon O. Ayo, Instructional Support Specialist

Michael Raffanello, Instructional Support Associate

Linda M. Rennie, Secretary

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Email faculty and staff:

Lloyd Makarowitz, Chairperson and Professor, Lupton 200A, 2188

George N. Caviris, Professor, Lupton 200B, 2081

Yuen S. Chinn, Professor, Lupton 200M, 2135

Edmund M. Douglass, Assistant Professor, Lupton 200N, 2483

Gary Ferrigno, Associate Professor, Lupton 200J

Yuri Janssen, Assistant Professor, Lupton 200L

Bryan J. Field, Assistant Professor, Lupton 200K, 2140

Morton P. Seitelman, Professor, Lupton 200I, 2222

Jack W. Simonson, Assistant Professor, Lupton 200C, 2155

Solomon O. Ayo, Instructional Support Specialist, Lupton 200F, 2061

Michael Raffanello, Instructional Support Associate, Lupton 200H, 2303

Linda M. Rennie, Department Secretary, Lupton 200, 2188,  (Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Physics Emeriti
Prof. Bernard Malara
Prof. Raymond Bigliani
Dr. Sophie Moore
Dr. Paul Kramer
Prof. Edmund Mayer
Prof. Armand Kamp
Prof. Gary Ferrigno
Prof. Gustave Nelson


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