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Fall 2017 Full Time Faculty Office Hours


Full Time Faculty

Dr. Ahmad M. Alzaghal
Whitman Hall, Room 180G
Email: ahmad.alzaghal@farmingdale.edu
Phone: 631-794-6516


Dr. Worku T. Bitew
Whitman Hall, Room 180D
Email: worku.bitew@farmingdale.edu
Phone: 631-420-2465

Research Interest:

Calculus of Variations & Optimal Control Theory, Mathematical Modeling, Natural Resource and Environmental Management

Dr. Loucas Chrysafi
Office: Whitman Hall, Room 184
Phone: 631-420-2499
Email: loucas.chrysafi@farmingdale.edu

Dr. Steven Hoehner
Whitman Hall, Room 180I
Email: steven.hoehner@farmingdale.edu
Phone: 631-794-6127

Dr. Douglas E. Johnston
Whitman Hall, Room 180F
Phone: 631-420-2347

Research Interest:

Extreme Value Theory, Quantitative Risk-Management, High-Dimensional Dynamical Systems & Signal Processing

Dr. Agnes Kalemaris
Whitman Hall, Room 181/180J
Email: agnes.kalemaris@farmingdale.edu

Dr. Arlene Kleistein
Whitman Hall, Room 180E
Email: arlene.kleinstein@farmingdale.edu


Dr. Carlos A. Marques, Chairman
Whitman Hall, Room 180A
Email: carlos.marques@farmingdale.edu

Research Interest:
Algebraic and Geometric Topology—Cell Complexes

Dr. Irina Neymotin
Whitman Hall, Room 180C
Email: irina.neymotin@farmingdale.edu

Dr. Svetlana Tlupova
Whitman Hall, Room 180K
Email: svetlana.tlupova@farmingdale.edu
Phone: 631-794-6508

Dr. Yajun Yang
Whitman Hall, Room 180H
Email: yajun.yang@farmingdale.edu

Dr. Chunhui Yu
Whitman Hall, Room 180B
Email: chunhui.yu@farmingdale.edu

Visiting Faculty

Prof. Richard Freda
Whitman Hall, Room 186B
Email: richard.freda@farmingdale.edu

Prof. John Drivas
Whitman Hall, Room 157
Email: drivasj@farmingdale.edu
Phone: 631-420-2182