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Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies Minor is designed for students who wish to deepen their knowledge of East Asia, with particular focus on China, Japan, and Korea. The minor offers students of all majors an opportunity to explore Asia from the interdisciplinary perspectives of history, politics, geography, society, literature, culture, art, landscape design, film, science, economics, and business as well as language. Students are encouraged to study abroad in Asia.

The Asian Studies Minor consists of 15 credits (five 3-credit courses). Students are required to take three Asia-focused courses and two-Asia component courses chosen with the approval of the program’s coordinator. While language study is not required for this minor, students interested in learning Chinese language can take CHI 151 and CHI 152. (Note: only one 100-level course will count toward the minor). Courses taken abroad or in an Asia-focused internship will be considered by the coordinator to determine appropriateness for the minor.

The three required Asia-focused courses may be selected from the following options:
CHI 151 – Chinese I
CHI 152 – Chinese II
HIS 213 – Peoples and Cultures of Asia
HIS 214 – East Asia and the World
HIS 216 – History of Central Asia: From Genghis to Borat
HIS 311 – China Since 1840
HIS 343 – Cinema and The City in East Asia
POL 373 – Politics in Asia and the Pacific Rim

The two Asia-component courses may be selected from the following options:
ART 201 – Survey of Art History: Prehistoric Times Through Middle Ages
BUS 280 - International Business
BUS 320 – International Marketing and Global Markets
BUS 322 – International Management
BUS 366 – International Resource Management
BUS 494 – Seminar in Global and International Business
ECO 340 – International Trade
EGL 206 – World Literature: Early Classics
GEO 211 – The World and Its People
HIS 233 – Comparative Religions and Cultures
HIS 315 - Imperialism
HOR 350 – The Art History of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture
MLG 300 - International Cinema
POL 262 – Global Politics
POL 265 – Comparative Politics
POL 370 – International Relations
POL 371 - Geopolitics
POL 392 – Religion and Politics

IN ADDITION: Some sections of the Special Topics courses listed below have a thematic focus on East Asia. If students request, the Minor Coordinator will approve those Asia-themed sections as counting toward the minor: ECO 390 (Special Topics in Economics), GEO 290 (Topics in Geography), GEO 390 (Special Topics in Geography), HIS 219 (Topics in History), HIS 319 (Special Topics in History), POL 395 (Special Topics in Politics), and STS 400W (Senior Seminar in Science, Technology, and Society)

NOTE: Only students in 4-year programs can apply for the minor. At least 12 credits must be taken at the 200 level or higher. Students are permitted to double-count minor courses with general education courses and with free electives. As this is an interdisciplinary minor, students are permitted to double-count up to 6 credits of major coursework toward the Asian Studies Minor.

For more information, feel free to contact the Department at 631-420-2739
Course Descriptions