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Two students in foreground talking in front of Farmingdale's Bunche Plaza fountain on a beautiful spring day.
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Next Event

Date   Thursday September 27, 2018
Time   10:50am - 12:05pm
Location   Ward Hall Great Room
Speaker   Clare Forstie
Assistant Professor
Sociology & Anthropology
Topic   Are We Post-Gay Yet? Changing LGBTQ Communities and Kinship



Date   Tuesday December 4, 2018
Time   10:50am – 12:05pm
Location   University Club Knapp Hall
Speaker   Michael Motta
Assistant Professor
History & Political Science
Topic   'What Happened? November 2018 Elections'





The Eleanor Fapohunda Colloquium Series

The School of Arts & Sciences Colloquium Series was established in 2004 by the late Dr. Eleanor Fapohunda, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, to enable our faculty to share their scholarly pursuits with their colleagues by giving presentations that are accessible, engaging, and interesting to faculty, staff, and students representing the wide range of academic backgrounds of our School.

This colloquium series, named in Dr. Fapohunda's memory, has continued to provide both junior and senior faculty the opportunity to give such presentations on an impressive array of topics ranging from instability, chaos, and turbulence in the sky to a sociological analysis of Mexican Telenovelas. For junior faculty in particular this has provided an opportunity for an introduction to their colleagues within the School (and to have a presentation to include in their annual reports).


Dr. Eleanor Fapohunda was deeply committed to the School of Arts & Sciences and its faculty, and fiercely defended the integrity of the Liberal Arts & Sciences. Her own background was in the field of Economics, and she felt strongly that this academic discipline belonged in the School of Arts & Sciences.

Eleanor was extremely innovative as an educator, and endeavored to establish an outreach program with neighboring low-income school districts that would enable high school teachers in those schools to offer Farmingdale courses to their students as a way to make them aware of the accessibility of affordable higher education and to encourage them to pursue the opportunities that could become available by earning a college degree. We have since seen this vision of Eleanor's realized in the University in the High School program.

As Associate Dean, and subsequently as Dean, Eleanor also sought opportunities for her faculty in the School of Arts & Sciences to share their scholarship with outside audiences while enhancing the image of the college by developing the Arts & Sciences Speaker's Program. Many of us had the experience of making presentations to regional high school audiences in our fields of scholarship through this program, as illustrated by the famous group photograph showing us all at an earlier point in time.

Eleanor then established the Arts & Sciences Colloquium series, originally as a "brown bag" event, which gave both junior and senior faculty the opportunity to give scholarly presentations to a broad audience of fellow faculty and students on campus, primarily in the Great Room of Ward Hall. With Eleanor's untimely passing in March 2012 after which the tradition of this Colloquium series has been continued in Eleanor's honor and memory by the Dean's office (usually coordinated by the Assistant Dean or Associate Dean, in whatever capacity they may be serving).

Colloquium Committee

Dr. Jeff Gaab - Acting Assistant Dean

Dr. Marlene Groner - Professor English

Dr. Sayeedul Islam - Assistant Professor Psychology

Dr. Bryan Field - Assistant Professor Physic

Colloquium Presenters 2004-2017

Dr. Jeff Gaab 
December 9th 2004
Dr. Tony Giffone 
March 24th 2005
Dr. Bala Veeramacheneni 
December 1st 2005
Dr. Vicki Janik
March 2nd 2005

Dr. Mary Kirby Diaz
April 6th 2006

Dr. Agnes Kalemaris
October 26th 2006
Dr. Marcia Littenberg
November 30th 2006
Dr. Eugenio Villareal
March 8th 2007

Dr. Mathew Bahamonde
April 19th 2007

Dr. Angela Danzi
Dr. Marilyn Balumenthal
October 4th 2007
Dr, Jack Winn
March 16th 2008
Dr. Richard Vogel
April 10th 2008
Dr. Ann R. Shapiro
March 5th 2009
Dr. Ligia Rodriguez
April 2nd 2009

Dr. Anjana Mebane-Cruz
October 15th 2009

Professor Stuart Chaskes
November 12th 2009
Dr. Sarah Gross
March 4th 2010
Dr. Robert Saundes
October 7th 2010
Dr. Jennifer Gonder
Dr. Michael Goodstone
Dr. Marya Howell-Carter
Dr. Rommel Robertson
November 4th 2010
Dr. Charles Adair
March 3rd 2011
Dr. David Greene
April 7th 2011
Dr. Barry Capella
October 13th 2011
Dr. Marie Helen-Maras
November 22nd 2011
Dr. Wisdom Akpalu
February 16th 2012

Dr. Beverly Khan
Dr. Dill Steedle
Dr. Ray Bigliani
Dr. Richard Jverson
Dr. Angela Danzi
March 15th 2012

Dr. Lloyd Makarowitz
October 4th 2012
Dr. Stephen Patnode
February 7th 2013
Dr. Marya Howell-Carter
March 7th 2013
Dr. Glen Hinckley
April 11th 2013
Dr. Eric Morgan
October 8th 2013
Dr. Angela Jones
November 19th 2013
Dr. Melixa Adob Izquierldo
March 11th 2014
Dr. Victor Huang
April 15, 2014
Dr. Sarah Gross
October 2nd 2014
Dr. Michaela Porubanova
December 4th 2014
Dr. Michael De Castro
March 26th 2015
Dr. Noel E. Holton-Brathwaite
April 23rd 2015
Dr. Jeffrey Oishi
September 24th 2015
Dr. Aaron Howell
October 22nd 2015
Dr. Lisa Prazak
November 19th 2015
Dr. Sarah Gross
February 18th 2016

Dr. Qing Ai
March 29th 2016

Dr. Bryan Field
April 19th 2016
Dr. Sayeedul Islam
September 27th 2016
Dr. Mary Caulfield
October 27th 2016
Dr. Lauren B. Halenar
November 17th 2016
Dr. Matthew Brown
March 7th 2017
Dr. Michael Figuccio
March 28th 2017
Dr. LaNina Cooke
April 27th 2017
Dr. Jack Simonson
October 10th 2017
Dr. Edward Plough
November 9th 2017
Dr. Robert Saunders
February 22, 2018
Dr. Travis Hollaway
April 3rd, 2018