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The 2017 Raynor Wallace Award

Raynor Wallace - Award Winner

  • Benjamin Harris for "Text to Speech"

Raynor Wallace - Honorable Mention

  • Matthew Verini

"Text to Speech"
Benjamin Harris

Thoughts consumed by possible vibrations
Our minds quickly feeding off any which way stations
The totality of voices heard controls movement of the masses
No requirements are necessary to teach newfound classes

The intellect of gods rests patiently at our fingertips,
Yet no one seems to question the validity of our leaderships
Walking without sight is insulting to the blind
Though if I tried to point a finger my life would redefine

There's beauty in all things as pristine as the lotus,
But if hellfire ran through the streets would we notice?
If only there was an answer to that question, just one
We'd learn that following can be the equivalent to the loading of a gun

"Replace It"
Matthew Verini

You forget me, regret me, mistreat me, delete me.
You're bony, you're lonely, you're fake and you're phony.
You hit me you miss me you shoot me you kill me
I sit there I take it; I just can't replace it...
The feelings I feel,
They make me just kneel...
I fell on the floor and I hit the ground hard,
I knew to just leave it there right from the start.
I make it you break it you just can't replace it.
It's shattered, disaster, you plagued and you plastered.
Emotion with notion there can be no potion
To fix what you've done, or have some devotion.
To tell me you feel what it is you had felt,
To rhyme or to talk with the bullets you pelt.
I hate it; I rate it as poor conversation
You tried it, I cried it; I just can't replace it.
These feelings I felt of this love will remain
As love went unloved and I felt all this pain...
Try not to tempt me; I will call your bluff,
You may have been one time, it isn't enough.
To be in my life or to call me your own
Then to leave me behind all alone in this home...
I sit here, I write this, I settle beside this,
You stand there, you wait there,
You promised you'd stay there...
I found out you walked out,
Believing you'd wait out,
I stood there just waiting, those nights I was pacing
My head, it was breaking, my mind was just racing...
I wish you had stayed, ambition betrayed,
All of the others who got in your way.
You broke it, you choked it, who could've rewrote this,
This story of gory no glory evoked it.
I'm wishing, I'm praying, I'm staying in bed here,
To look at my ceiling with all of my thoughts near
Just thinking, repenting and denting the space,
Reflecting on things that I could not replace
I made it, it faded, this love is so jaded,
Don't tell me again, don't tell me replace it.
If I hear all these words, just another one time,
Slowly but shortly, I will lose my mind.
Don't tell me we made it, it's plated or fixed up,
Admit to me why there was need for the mix up.
Don't say them again, all those words of dismay,
I may not look serious, this isn't my day.
So show me bestow me your feelings of sorrow
'cause now is the time when there is no tomorrow.
Don't forget it, regret it, mistreat it, delete it,
Just face it, it's faded, we cannot replace it...