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Raynor Wallace Award Winners - 2016

First Place

  • Rita Mezic for "Riptide"

Second Place

  • Ana Campos for "Fade"

Third Place

  • Justin Repperger for "Engrossed"



Rita Mezic


I have memories, of standing upon the cliff edge

and staring at the dusk that made the sky run red

and forest stir.

I have memories, of tempting gravity to let us

fall as we stared down the riptide below.

You had asked me,

what would happen if you fell;

would I catch you.

I had found fault, in lies,

and thus answered that I would not,

for I would fall too,

and certainly vanish like an ill conceived plan.

I have memories, of your hearing your heart shatter

like a broken vase,

eyes insipid as you realized your mistakes.

I have memories, of watching you disappear into the bloody night,

and of the tears that burnt my cheeks.

I have these memories, but the only one

I want to recall is when I said you’d die to save me,

to keep me from falling off the edge.

Surely, I whispered, I’ll try to save you.

I still remember, my love, when you shook your head

and said you’d rather watch me on the dusty cliff edge than

hold my hand as we walk

among the clouds.




Ana Campos


Spill your thoughts on me

It’s 2am

And I’m the only one here

To catch every single drop


Don’t be scared

Let them drip down your veins

Pour your past

Pour your conscience

Pour your soul


Drown me while I cure you

I’ll heal your scars

Til you forget

They even existed


Let them fade,

The way you’ll let me fade



“Engrossed” (based on the artwork “Engrossed” by Aerosocks)

 Justin Repperger


A hypnotic trance envelops my soul.

Jaw hanging open, tongue dangling,

I press my paws to my ears to pull the sound closer.

My thoughts become eclipsed.

Reality is no longer.


Eyes closed, chills traverse my body

Like tiny spiders scuttling from my neck to my claws.

Leaving my fur standing at attention.

Saluting the vibrations enchanting my brain.


Unselfconscious and unaware,

Saliva drips to the hardwood floor

My walls evaporate, leaving a thick, grey fog,

My ceiling contorts into a black, iron scaffolding,

Where five bright lights hang,

Transforming the fog to a pink smoke.


The bass pounds my chest,

Adrenaline races through my blood.

Alone in the waves of the crowd,

I float along the stormy sea,

Weightless, bodiless, I am the song.


 [1] “Engrossed” by Aerosocks http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16952739/