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Biology Faculty & Staff

Dr. Charles Adair
Acting Dean of Arts & Sciences
Nathan Hale Hall rm.220
E-mail: adaircn@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO130, BIO131

Prof. Stuart Chaskes
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 103
E-mail: chaskesj@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO220, BIO220L

Dr. J. Robert Coleman
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 100
E-mail: colemajr@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO130, BIO210, BIO220, BIO220L, BIO460

Dr. Robert Crocker
Advisor, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 110
E-mail: crockera@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO170, BIO171

Dr. Robert Elgart
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 102
E-mail: elgartrl@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO220, BIO414, BIO414L

Dr. Sarah Gross
Chair, Biology
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 127A
E-mail: grosss@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO348, BIO130

Dr. Azad Gucwa
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 100
E-mail: gucwaal@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO348, BIO220L

Dr. Kerry Lutz
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 101
E-mail: lutzk@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO343, BIO344L, BIO441

Dr. Carla Martin
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 106
E-mail: martinca@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO212C, BIO349L, BIO360

Dr. Eric Morgan
Director, Bioscience Curriculum
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 109
E-mail: morgane@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO192, BIO192L, BIO198, BIO198L, BIO223, BIO223L, BIO 330, BIO335, BIO355

Dr. Lisa Prazak-Stockwell
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 104
E-mail: prazakl@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO120, BIO130, BIO344L, BIO441, BIO441L

Dr. Lauren B. Price
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 112
E-mail: pricelb@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO170, BIO171, BIO166

Dr. Jessica Seifert
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 108
E-mail: seiferj@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO130, BIO344L, BIO345

Prof. Michael Smiles
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 107
E-mail: smilesmc@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO131, BIO131L

Dr. Carly Tribull
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 113
E-mail: tribulc@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO120, BIO198, BIO198L

Mr. D.T. Arcieri
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 105
Laboratory Manager and Adjunct Associate Professor
E-mail: arcierdt@farmingdale.edu
Courses Taught: BIO120, BIO120L, BIO123L, BIO130L, BIO131L, BIO197

Ms. Nastassja Bissoon
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 117
Laboratory Manager
E-mail: bissoon@farmingdale.edu 

Mrs. Rebecca Bond
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 207
Laboratory Manager
E-mail: bondr@farmingdale.edu

Mrs. Denise Hopkins
Nathan Hale hall rm. 206
Laboratory Manager
E-mail: hopkind@farmingdale.edu

Ms. Cynthia Thomas
Nathan Hale Hall rm. 111
Laboratory Manager
E-mail: thomascf@farmingdale.edu